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CJ Sheu, an Assistant Professor of Applied English at Ming Chuan University, is a Rotten Tomatoes-approved, Taipei-based film critic for The News Lens.


‘Dealing with Dad’ Covers Old Ground with a New Twist

CJ Sheu

A woman reluctantly goes back to her hometown with her brothers to deal with the sudden depression of their father. But he’s actually nicer depressed than well.


‘The Bomber’ Turns Incompetence Into Vision

CJ Sheu

A top flight lawyer becomes a bomber after his client, a key witness in a government graft case, gets assassinated.

劉德華力挺 特別演出「速命道」

‘Red Line’ Makes Your Heart Race in More Ways Than One

CJ Sheu

A street racer gives up on himself because of his brother’s accident, until he meets a doctor and makes up his mind to become an ambulance driver.


‘Rally Road Racers’ Is Derivative Fun with Chinese Characteristics

CJ Sheu

To save his grandma's home from demolition, a young race car driver competes against a vainglorious reigning champion and wins by finding his Dao.


Sports Film ‘Anime Supremacy!’ Romanticizes Overwork

CJ Sheu

Anime Supremacy! celebrates self-sacrificing teamwork in pursuit of a greater goal — even if it means working overtime.


‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ Is a Fitting Conclusion to a Wild Ride

CJ Sheu

“John Wick: Chapter 4” runs nearly three hours, but if you hop onto its overserious wavelength, the time flies by like a bullet.


‘Cyber Heist’ Is a Regressive Take on the Smart City

CJ Sheu

A cyber security engineer accidentally falls into an online financial conspiracy and has to fight to prove his innocence.


‘Bad Education’ Shows How a Morally Corrupt Society Rots From the Bottom Up

CJ Sheu

On the night of graduation, three high school students share their most unspeakable secrets, which go way beyond their imagination.


‘Return to Seoul’ Portrays the Plight of the Culturally Rootless

CJ Sheu

Freddie has many faces, but underneath them all is the cultural rootlessness that drives her self-destructive acting out.


‘The Novelist’s Film’ Reveals the Solitude of the Artist

CJ Sheu

‘The Novelist’s Film’ shows how the artistic life is incomprehensible to the outsider.

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