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Public opinion with Chinese characteristics, a weekly digest of events that are shaping public opinion in China.

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2017/09/22 | Chublic Opinion

Why 'Wolf Warrior II' Beat Up 'Founding of an Army' at the Box Office

'Wolf Warrior II' smashed Communist Party propaganda fest 'Founding of an Army' at China's box office this summer, but while showing how far Chinese cinema has come in terms of production values, its overt and ugly patriotism left some with a bitter taste in the mouth.

2017/09/06 | Chublic Opinion

Chinese Netizens, Sports Administrators and the Undoing of a Ping Pong Hero

'It soon became clear that this was not a scheduling error, but an open revolt unprecedented in the history of Chinese Ping Pong.' Another strange happening on the Chinese Internet, unpacked by Chublic Opinion.

2017/05/11 | Chublic Opinion

Xiongan: The Making of A Great Non-Megacity

'The designers of Xiongan seem determined to act differently from what China’s playbook for economic growth would prescribe.'

2017/04/08 | Chublic Opinion

Your Womb, My History: Surrogacy in China

A recent debate about legalizing surrogacy suddenly swerved and crashed into the carefully guarded space of post-1949 Chinese history, creating an opening that competing camps of online commentary vied to control.

2017/02/27 | Chublic Opinion

China and the Atheist Manifesto

A recent revision of a low-level administrative regulation aiming at maintaining social order stirred up a great controversy online in China.

2017/01/24 | Chublic Opinion

The River: China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

The River: why Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China can't step into the same river of history.

2016/11/16 | Chublic Opinion

People’s Republic of Spiritual Rednecks

China's Internet reacts to news of the new U.S. president.

2016/10/14 | Chublic Opinion

'Frenzonomics' and China's Property Bubble

China's property boom: The prospect of a spectacular crash in the fashion of the stock market last year is scary. To many people a market that continues to rally looks more fearsome.

2016/09/19 | Chublic Opinion

The Suicidal and Voiceless in China

'The tragedy stunned, confused and angered a lot of people, who only slowly came to the gruesomeness of the case following the revelation of disturbing details of the struggling family living in the remote mountains of Gansu province, one of the poorest corners of the country.'

2016/09/13 | Chublic Opinion

Sex, Lies and Wang Baoqiang

Inadvertently, by displaying his flawed marriage to millions of viewers, 'dumb root' poses a not so dumb ethical conundrum that proves challenging for a society constantly renegotiating the borderline between private autonomy and the collective purpose as a community.

2016/09/07 | Chublic Opinion

A Patriotic July in China

'The ideological volcano of China awaits its next eruption.'

2016/07/25 | Chublic Opinion

Flood Buffer: The Changing Currents of a National Story

What were the Chinese reading about while the massive downpour in early July was paralyzing towns and cities along the Yangtze? Pigs.

2016/07/07 | Chublic Opinion

Canaries in the Coal Mine

China has been in a police state of mind lately.

2016/06/13 | Chublic Opinion

Road Rage in Beijing

After years of dizzying growth in China, dissatisfaction seems to be gathering under the banner of fairness.