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The Jamestown Foundation’s China Brief is a primary source of timely information and cutting-edge analysis for policy-makers, intelligence and military personnel, academics, journalists, and business leaders.


'Red Flag River': How the Media Falsely Hypes Up Dubious PRC Threats

China Brief

Remember that story about China diverting water from Himalayan glaciers to Xinjiang? About that...


Domestic Security Budgets Reveal Scope of China's Actions in Xinjiang

China Brief

An analysis of domestic spending shows the scope of Xinjiang's securitization and re-education campaign.


Guess Who's Back: Xi Sheds Low Profile to Navigate the Trade War

China Brief

Xi Jinping laid low throughout the summer, leading to rabid speculation from China watchers. He's back now, but is he here to stay?


China and Myanmar Circle Warily around Proposed Economic Corridor

China Brief

There is considerable doubt on both sides over a proposed China-Myanmar Economic Corridor.


Academic Assault on Xi's Policies Hints at Scaled Back Belt and Road

China Brief

Xi Jinping's Belt and Road has been subjected to a flurry of academic criticism, a sign of brewing discontent over what is seen as excessive spending on 'foreign aid'.


ANALYSIS: Trade War Stalemate Threatens Xi's Stranglehold on Power

China Brief

Xi's position atop China's political hierarchy may not be in danger, but the trade war with the United States has drawn out internal skeptics of Xi's economic policy. Could change be afoot in Zhongnanhai?


ANALYSIS: Taiwan's Multipronged Quest for National Cybersecurity

China Brief

Taiwan's unique position as a cyber threat hotspot presents an opportunity to galvanize its domestic cybersecurity industry.


ANALYSIS: The 10 Key Elements of China's Anti-Taiwan Campaign

China Brief

CCP pressure on Taiwan forms an interlocking web of coercion that demands pushback from the international community.

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