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Chang Shin-wei is a staff writer for The News Lens International.

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Taipei Mayor’s Reputation Going Downhill?

Chang Shin-wei

Polls show that Ko Wen-je is the least popular among the six heads of special municipalities in Taiwan, and has the least chance of winning a second term.


Chinese Honeytrap Snares Taiwanese Aviation Police Official

Chang Shin-wei

A Taiwanese aviation police officer was seduced by the female manager of a Chinese company with ties to the CCP.


Support for Tsai Drops by 14% in Two Months

Chang Shin-wei

Labor rights issues, the South China Sea ruling, and the accidental launch of a missile are believed to have contributed to the wavering trust in the Tsai administration.


China Huffs and Puffs After Tsai Ing-wen WaPo Interview

Chang Shin-wei

The Chinese side accuses President Tsai of officially denying for the first time the existence of the '1992 consensus.' Taipei denies she did such a thing.


Doctor Goes On Hunger Strike Against Taiwan Health Insurance Claim System

Chang Shin-wei

A point system used to calculate state reimbursements to hospitals and clinics is seen as unfair by a number of practitioners.


China's 'Little Pinks' Driving Taiwan and Hong Kong Away: Chang Tieh-chih

Chang Shin-wei

China’s rising patriotic youth movement threatens to further sour its relations with Taiwan and Hong Kong.

蔡英文總統_tsai ing wen

Tsai’s Judicial Reform Starting Off On The Wrong Foot: Huang Cheng-yi

Chang Shin-wei

'Tsai is not stopping political power from interfering in the judicial system, but is making it worse.'


Swing Dancers Introduce Taipei to the World

Chang Shin-wei

'Naughty Swing' dancers performed at 30 tourist attractions around Taipei, including Chiou Fen, Ximen Red House, Bopiliao Old Street, the Shilin Night Market, and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.


Taiwanese Packaging Design Shines at International Design Awards

Chang Shin-wei

Innovative and practical Taiwan fish packaging design picks up nine international awards.


Violence in Taiwan's Emergency Rooms: When Medical Staff Get Abused

Chang Shin-wei

The current legal system only allows complaints against medical personnel. Some say there should also be a channel for complaints against patients.

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