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The Central News Agency (CNA) is Taiwan's national news agency.

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Driverless Bus Coming to Taipei

Central News Agency

Taipei will test driverless busses in a bid to improve traffic.


Taiwan Temples Incensed: Online Rumor of Incense Burning Ban Sparks Protest

Central News Agency

Temples have accepted a 'one burner, one incense stick' proposal to help protect the environment, and have agreed to burn ghost money collectively in an incinerator.


Nearly One in Three Taiwanese Kids Suffer Mental Disorders - Study

Central News Agency

Among 100,000 children in Taiwan, 3,100 have thought of taking their own lives, according to the findings of the three-year study.


Taiwanese Prodigy, 13, Sets New Record for Youngest Admitted to New York University

Central News Agency

The 13-year-old wants to devote himself to the research of rare diseases.


China's Taiwan Squeeze Continues: Trade Office in Ecuador Forced to Change Name

Central News Agency

The name changes are widely seen as part of China's stepped-up efforts to pressure Taiwan since the administration of President Tsai Ing-wen took office.


UPDATE: Shooting Near Taipei - 4 Dead

Central News Agency

The suspect attempted suicide and was pronounced dead at 11:38 this morning.

male teacher writing various high school maths and science formula on whiteboard

Zinc Fingers: Taiwanese Uncover Potential Alzheimer's Treatment

Central News Agency

The team acknowledged that whether the discovery can actually lead to a breakthrough in battling Alzheimer's may still be quite a ways off.


Taiwan’s Foreign Trade Offices are Under Pressure from China to Change their Names

Central News Agency

There is more evidence China is working hard to narrow Taiwan’s diplomatic space.


Experts React: Panama Switches Allegiance from Taiwan to China

Central News Agency

'Formal relations with a microstate may be consistent with Taiwan’s claims of sovereignty, but it does little to prevent conflict with China in the future. Unofficial support from countries like the US provide such assurance.'


Buying Votes in the Mountains: Taiwan Politics Again Marred By Corruption

Central News Agency

A KMT legislator was sentenced to jail after being found guilty of vote-buying.

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