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Back to school - set of school doodle vector illustrations on blackboard

Finding Middle Ground Between US and Chinese Classrooms

Cai Yiwen

Journalist and author Lenora Chu on raising a ‘little soldier’ in the Chinese school system.


From Propaganda Ballets to Dance for the People

Cai Yiwen

Once a Cultural Revolution dancer, Wen Hui has become a pioneer of choreography that focuses on the experiences of real people.


Pilot ‘Gaokao’ Reforms Only Pile on the Pressure

Cai Yiwen

New college entrance exam rules designed to relieve student stress with more test opportunities are having the opposite effect.


Why China’s Modern Barefoot Doctors Are Walking Away

Cai Yiwen

Despite government moves to improve primary care in the countryside, village doctors are under increasing pressure.


Fresh Blood Hopes to Revive China’s Funeral Homes

Cai Yiwen

Despite social stigma, a young generation is trying to modernize the country’s booming funeral service industry.


HIV-Positive Students Ponder Life After High School

Cai Yiwen

Boarding school brings AIDS orphans compassion — and segregation.


China’s Illicit Adoption Market Goes Online

Cai Yiwen

Children traded through chat groups and forums could be trafficked, a lawyer warns.

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