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Bryan Chou is an editor for The News Lens International.


Taiwan to Regulate China’s State-Affiliated Publications After Children’s Book Controversy

Bryan Chou

Taiwan’s government plans to amend legislation to make it clear that companies must apply for approval before publishing books associated with the Chinese Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army.


GOG Backtracks on Releasing ‘Devotion,’ Gamers Up in Arms

Bryan Chou

GOG announced yesterday that Devotion, first removed in February, will return to the platform, but it is no longer the case.


Taiwan’s Proposed Bills To Regulate Online Content Stir Outrage

Bryan Chou

Taiwan's government announced plans to regulate content on streaming and social media platforms. The opposition Kuomintang suggested they limit freedom of speech and introduce censorship.


Cyberpunk 2077 Accused of Insulting China, but Not Banned

Bryan Chou

While some Chinese netizens lashed out at the game for not recognizing Taiwan as a part of China, few wanted it to be banned.


A Symbol of Pandemics Conquered Paraded Through Taipei

Bryan Chou

In celebration of his birthday, a palanquin of the Qingshan King was taken on a tour to inspect and give blessings to the city.


Australian Wine Is the Latest Democratic Unifier

Bryan Chou

Politicians around the world have been calling on consumers to buy a bottle of Australian wine to show support for Australia’s fight against China’s punitive sanctions.


Taiwanese Students Caught in the Middle as Norway Cozies up To China

Bryan Chou

The controversy over the legal identity of Taiwanese citizens in Norway started in 2010, when the Norwegian government first changed their nationality on residency cards from Taiwan to China.


Why Taiwan Has No Absentee Voting Yet

Bryan Chou

While most democratic countries provide certain forms of external voting for their legislative or presidential elections, Taiwan is catching up to make voting more accessible to its citizens no matter where they live.


Taiwan Secures 15 Million Covid-19 Vaccine Doses With Native Development Underway

Bryan Chou

Taiwan has signed the first bilateral deal for a Covid-19 vaccine and is negotiating for three others. Native vaccine development is in progress.


China’s List of Taiwanese Independence Advocates Is Meant To Divide Taiwan

Bryan Chou

The function of the list appears to be provoking Taiwanese to question the Taiwaneseness and pro-independence stances of those who are not on the list.

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