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Bryan Chou is an editor for The News Lens International.

A Taiwanese boy wears a slogan reading "Stop the 4th Nuclear Power Plant. Give Power Back to People," during a protest against the construction of Taiwan's fourth nuclear power plant to be completed i

Reactivating Controversial Nuclear Site Not an Option: Tsai

Bryan Chou

The controversy over Taiwan's fourth nuclear power plant resurfaced due to a construction plan for a liquified natural gas terminal.


Taiwan’s Domestic Pineapple Consumption Closes Gap From China’s Ban

Bryan Chou

With Taiwanese people and businesses on a buying spree, the domestic demand for pineapples has surpassed the total export that was supposed to be sold to China this year.


With Confucius Institutes Shuttering Across US, Can Taiwanese Teachers Fill the Gap?

Bryan Chou

Taiwanese teachers of Mandarin are in high demand in the U.S., but opinions vary over whether they can fill the gap left by Chinese teachers.


Foreign Entrepreneurs Are Coming To Taiwan. Will They Stay After Covid-19?

Bryan Chou

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, the Employment Gold Card program has grown into a popular means to move to Taiwan. Will the newcomers stay after the pandemic?


Taiwan’s Largest Podcast Platform SoundOn Acquired by Singapore-Based Investment Firm

Bryan Chou

SoundOn is one of the biggest beneficiaries of Taiwan’s burgeoning podcast-listening population.


Klook Defies Travel Slowdown, Raises US$200 Million Series E Funding

Bryan Chou

Travel booking startup Klook has raised a US$200 million Series E round to focus on staycations and digitize the tourism industry.


Indonesia Delays Migrant Worker Fee Exemption

Bryan Chou

Indonesia’s state agency in charge of migrant worker protection announced today that it will delay the implementation of the “exemption of placement fee policy” by six months.


Virtual Makeup Try-on App Developer Perfect Corp. Raises US$50 Million Series C Funding

Bryan Chou

Perfect Corp., a New Taipei-based company developing virtual try-on technology, raised a US$50 million Series C round as beauty retailers strive to attract eyeballs online.


Tsai’s Poll Numbers Are on the Decline. Why?

Bryan Chou

With the poll figure inching closer to 50%, Tsai’s honeymoon period has seen its end, a foundation says.


Unraveling Taiwan’s Stories of Pain and Tears: An Interview with Aephie Chen

Bryan Chou

Many Taiwanese may lament that European audiences understand their hometown as no more than a remote island in Asia, but Chen took it as an opportunity to construct Taiwan’s identity with cinema.

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