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Bryan Chou is an editor for The News Lens International.


Taiwan’s Climate Change Action on Trial for the First Time

Bryan Chou

Taiwan’s economic ministry has been sued for a new regulation that could cause the country to fall behind the world on climate action.


Lithuania’s Vaccine Donation Sparks a Shopping Spree in Taiwan

Bryan Chou

Taiwanese people thanked Lithuania for the donation of Covid-19 vaccine by buying Lithuanian chocolate and beer. Some proposed visiting the Baltic country after the pandemic.


A Taiwanese Mural Artist’s Journey Home

Bryan Chou

For his solo exhibition in Taiwan, Wang Liang traveled to cities and towns he had never set foot upon, on the lookout for images characterizing the people and their surroundings in the place he had come to feel, in some sense, that he had never left.

盼居家檢疫後與家人吃年夜飯 桃機湧現返國人潮

Foreign Professionals Are Leaving Taiwan. Just Don’t Accuse Them of Fleeing Covid-19.

Bryan Chou

Some gold card holders are leaving Taiwan to avoid restrictions on life and work from Covid-19. Others are returning home for vaccination.


Taiwanese-Japanese Gay Couple Latest in Legal Movement for Transnational Partners

Bryan Chou

The couple is one of the many that a local civil rights organization has recruited to test the limits of Taiwan’s same-sex marriage bill.


Groundbreaking Court Decision Expands Transnational Same-Sex Marriage in Taiwan

Bryan Chou

A high court in Taipei ruled today a Taiwanese and Macau citizen should be allowed to get married. They will be the first same-sex couple of a Taiwanese and Macau citizen to have their marriage recognized in Taiwan.

外送員籌組工會 盼更多人加入保障權益

Taiwan’s Food Delivery Workers Campaign for Labor Union and Better Pay

Bryan Chou

Foodpanda and UberEats started implementing a new method of payroll calculation in April, and some workers said this would reduce their pay.


‘The Power Of the People Will Prevail’: The Activist Building Taiwan-Myanmar Solidarity

Bryan Chou

“As an overseas Myanmar person, all I can do is to get the voices from Myanmar heard, noticed, and have foreigners come together to help my country,” Thomas Chen said.


First Taiwanese-Developed Vaccine May Be Available as Early as July

Bryan Chou

Taiwanese biopharma company MVC said Tuesday that it is looking to offer one to two million Covid-19 vaccine doses as early as July after receiving the Taiwanese Food and Drug Administration’s emergency use authorization.


Police Violence Perpetrators ‘Not Found,’ Seven Years After the Sunflower Movement

Bryan Chou

It has been seven years since the Sunflower Movement, but nobody has taken responsibility for the excessive use of force during the attempted occupation of the Executive Yuan.

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