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Bryan Chou is an editor for The News Lens International.


Taiwan Affirms Indigenous Rights in Landmark Amendment To Mining Act

Bryan Chou

Activists call the passage of the amendment a “key step” to reforming the mining sector.

台灣同志遊行 參與者力挺跨國同婚

Taiwan: Same-Sex Marriage for Transnational Couples Legalized

Bryan Chou

Beginning in 2024, most Taiwanese and foreign national partners will be able to marry in Taiwan, regardless of the legal status of same-sex marriage in the foreign national’s home country.


Taiwan’s 2022 in Review

Bryan Chou

From the largest public displays of protest in a generation arising in China to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the most important developments internationally in the past year had a profound influence on Taiwan and the region.


Taiwan Fails To Lower the Voting Age to 18

Bryan Chou

Experts have said the referendum is unlikely to pass due to the high threshold and a relatively low turnout in local elections.


Is Taiwan’s Solidarity With Ukraine Taking Root?

Bryan Chou

Since the day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, crowds have gathered every day in front of the office of the de facto Russian embassy.


Taiwan: Lin Ching-yi Prevails in Win for Pan-Green Forces

Bryan Chou

Lin’s victory reflected the voters’ approval of her call to “end the politics of corruption,” which the DPP has made a central part of her campaign platform.


Taiwan Might Be a Country for Women in Politics. Can It Be So in Business?

Bryan Chou

Female executives governed less than 14% of Taiwan’s listed companies, a report shows.


Taipei Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Indigenous Peoples in Mining Rights Case

Bryan Chou

Taipei’s Supreme Administrative Court on Thursday revoked the economic ministry’s renewal in 2018 of Asia Cement Corporation’s mining permit in Hualien for another 20 years.


How Is Taiwan’s First Domestic Vaccine Being Received?

Bryan Chou

Many young people joked about being part of the DPP’s “internet army,” who are paid by a party to praise its policies, by announcing their decision to receive the Medigen vaccine.

東奧羽球男雙摘金 「麟洋配」寫驚奇(3)

What Tokyo Olympics Means for Taiwan

Bryan Chou

China will continue blocking Taiwan’s participation as a country in international sports events, but it cannot prevent the Taiwanese contingent from advancing to the final games and contesting a medal with its athletes.

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