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Beyonder Times collects stories of international entrepreneurs and artists in Taiwan.

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2017/06/05 | Beyonder Times
German Student Undertakes Food-Saving Initiatives in Taiwan
'Why throw away food which is still edible? Food waste is not just about food themselves, but also about the waste of water, earth, energy and labor resources that are required to produce the food,' said Stefan Simon.
2017/04/05 | Beyonder Times
Cross-Cultural Ambassador: Swaziland Sisters’ Fashion Dream
When African culture meets Austronesian culture in fashion, what kind of sparks will you expect? LIHIYA might give you some clues.
2017/02/25 | Beyonder Times
Senior American Theater Professional Engages Taiwan with Passion for Theatrics
Ruth Giordano moved to Taipei at the age of 54 in 2009. She had never lived in Asia and did not speak Chinese. Without a job and local friends, she felt lost and worried about her life as a senior immigrant. “My job was my everything. I didn’t know what I could do in Taiwan.”
2016/12/07 | Beyonder Times
Ethnic and Outdoor Fashion Brand Brings Unique (Life)style to Taiwan
Through the past eighteen years, Kenji Doi and Hsin Fan have continued to do and learn, observing the market trends and adjusting their business strategy.
2016/10/19 | Beyonder Times
Japanese Live House Owner’s Romance: Connecting Indie Music of Taiwan and Japan
Terao Budha believes the nationality of a band has become less important. The point is whether the artists feel happy when they play their music.
2016/09/06 | Beyonder Times
New Zealand Brothers’ Passion for Art Connects Taiwan with the World
'Our mission is to build the linkage between Taiwan and the world.'
2016/08/10 | Beyonder Times
Slush CSO on Taiwan’s Startups: Youth Must Take the Lead
'Taiwan’s young people, don’t be afraid, go ahead and give it a try; Taiwan’s seniors, let go, trust what youths can do!'
2016/07/28 | Beyonder Times
Taiwan’s New Tourism Ambassador? American Engineer Develops Taiwan Cuisine App
'I want to focus on marketing Taiwan in the right way, and create products that can really help people.'
2016/07/21 | Beyonder Times
Emmy Award Winner's Start Up in Taiwan: More Than Complicated
An Emmy Award-winning entrepreneur says the tech industry in Taiwan is cutting-edge and encourages international entrepreneurs to find talent on the island-nation.
2016/07/18 | Beyonder Times
American Photographer Making Taiwanese Cheese: I Have Faith in Taiwan’s Raw Milk
'Through what we do, we hope that we can let Taiwanese people know that there are a lot of good products from Taiwan'
2016/07/07 | Beyonder Times
In the Countryside, Two Foreign Entrepreneurs Aim to Reform Taiwan’s Youth Education
'Everytime I get to see someone young become an entrepreneurial thinker, I get a deep sense of hope for the future, and for Taiwan.'
2016/06/30 | Beyonder Times
Singaporean Illustrator Draws in a World Without Sounds
Despite having a hearing disability, a Singaporean illustrator traveled to a foreign country, Taiwan, for his first time, and is now a professional illustrator for children’s picture books.