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Bart Dashorst

Bart Dashorst

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Bart Dashorst is a textual laborer from the Netherlands with an MA in Taiwan Literature from National Taiwan University. He works as a full-time English editor, freelance Mandarin-to-English translator, and occasional writer in English and Mandarin. His specialization lies in Taiwanese history, culture, art, and literature.


Taiwan’s Unsuccessful Transformation

Bart Dashorst

Are Taiwanese nationalism and democratization to blame for a lackluster economy? This is the main argument of Chu Wan-wen’s ‘Taiwan’s Unsuccessful Transformation: Democratization and Economic Development’.


‘Facing the Calamity’: The Story of a Malaysian Taiwanese Under KMT Rule

Bart Dashorst

The autobiography and witness testimony of Fred Him-San Chin, a Taiwanese of Chinese descent born in Malaysia, offers a view of pride in being Taiwanese despite the hardships of false imprisonment.


Will the ‘Detention’ TV Adaptation Address Its Gender Problems?

Bart Dashorst

The TV adaptation of 'Detention' is not just a sign of success, but an opportunity to address its troubling take on gender.


The Forgotten Victims of the White Terror

Bart Dashorst

Southeast Asian students were victims of White Terror in Taiwan, too. A narrow Taiwan-centric history can unfortunately neglect their stories.

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