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Atlas Obscura


How Exiled Chinese Muslims Gave Kyrgyzstan Its Culinary Crown Jewel

Atlas Obscura

The Dungan people brought their signature noodles to Kyrgyzstan, much to the delight of Kyrgyz people.


Frozen in Time: Solving the Mystery of China's Most Remarkable Fossils

Atlas Obscura

Unravel the series of cataclysmic events that resulted in a treasure trove of Cretaceous period fossils in northeast China.


This Japanese Candy Artist Is Taking Her Sugar Stardom Worldwide

Atlas Obscura

'Candy5,' who practices traditional Japanese amezaiku candy art, has performed at the Epcot Center and art exhibitions around the world.


Central Asia's Ancient Silk Road Shaped Our Modern Diet, Study Shows

Atlas Obscura

The study is shifting the long-Eurocentric historical record, and has major implications for how archaeologists understand Central Asia.


Catching the Embers of Taiwan's Dying Fire-fishing Tradition

Atlas Obscura

A generations-old tradition of luring sardines with fire is under threat.


From Nazis to Noodles: How Shanghai Welcomed WWII's Jewish Refugees

Atlas Obscura

Shanghai's Hongkou was one of the few places in the world to throw open its doors to Jews fleeing persecution in Nazi Germany.


Inside Indonesia's Visionary Chicken Church

Atlas Obscura

A peek inside Java's Gereja Ayam, a devoted man's enduring contribution to folk architecture.


China's Water Wars: Debate Rages over Right Temperature to Drink Water

Atlas Obscura

Nowhere else in the world is the temperature water should be consumed as hotly debated as in China.


Welcome to Shanghai's Marriage Market

Atlas Obscura

Shanghai's so-called Marriage Market allows parents to advertise their lovelorn children in low-tech, ink-and-paper dating profiles.

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