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Asia Dialogue is published by the University of Nottingham's Asia Research Institute, which brings together world leading research and expertise concerning Asia's major sustainable development challenges. Together with its Chinese and Malaysian campuses, it aims to increase dialogue with, and to make an impact on, the ongoing debates within the region.


'My Fighting Eagles Fly Around Formosa': Is This the 'China Dream' for Taiwan?

Asia Dialogue

China has steadily signaled to Taiwan that 'peaceful reunification' comes with a generous side helping of military domination.


ANALYSIS: How Should Taiwan Navigate the Global Stage If It Can't Trust Trump?

Asia Dialogue

A deep dive into how Taiwan can withstand a potential cold shoulder from the unreliable US President.


What's Behind China's Belt and Road 'Smart Power' Push in Southeast Asia?

Asia Dialogue

The presence and mobility of the Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asian countries plays a large role in China's BRI success.


ANALYSIS: Xi Jinping's Speech Did Not Give Taiwan's People What They Want

Asia Dialogue

Xi's Jan. 2 speech reiterated the existing PRC stance on its eventual peaceful unification with Taiwan.


Democracy or Dictatorship? The Taiwanese Opinion Trends Nobody's Talking About

Asia Dialogue

Surveys show Taiwanese voters increasingly support dictatorship while rejecting democracy and independence.

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