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Antonio C. Hsiang (向駿) is a Professor of the Department of International Trade and Director of the Center for Latin American Economy and Trade Studies at Chihlee University of Technology. He is also a Board Member of the Society for Strategic Studies R.O.C.


OPINION: Paraguay May Trigger Diplomatic Avalanche for Taiwan

Antonio C. Hsiang

The Senate of Paraguay voted to maintain diplomatic recognition of Taiwan. But long-term prospects do not look bright.


Time for Mexico to Show Machismo

Antonio C. Hsiang

Might Mexico choose to abandon trade ties with the U.S. in favor of stronger ties with China?


Meet the Monarchs and Dictators of Tsai Ing-wen’s ‘Alliance of Democratic Values’

Antonio C. Hsiang

How can Tsai Ing-wen possibly rope her 18 remaining diplomatic allies into a 'democratic coalition' to oppose China when they themselves are hardly functioning democracies?

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