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Antonio Graceffo, Ph.D., born in New York, has spent more than 20 years in Asia. He earned a PhD. at Shanghai University of Sport, holds a China-MBA from Shanghai Jiaotong University, and studied national defense at American Military University. Graceffo works as an economics professor and China economic analyst, writing for various think tanks and international media. Some of his books on China include “Beyond the Belt and Road: China’s Global Economic Expansion” and “A Short Course on the Chinese Economy.”

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BRICS Expansion Makes China’s Clout Look Enlarged But Not A Real Threat to the US 

Antonio Graceffo

The conflicts of interests between the BRICS member countries and China, may hinder the establishment of a cohesive coalition, despite its recent expansion to include six more members.

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Loans, Minerals, Weapons, and Coups: China’s Destabilizing Role in Africa’s Coup Belt

Antonio Graceffo

While maintaining the facade of being an ally to Africa, China is exploiting coup-prone regions through lucrative activities such as coal mining and substantial oil extraction.


China’s Economy Sputters, Unattractive to Foreign Investors

Antonio Graceffo

China’s economic indicators, including skyrocketing youth unemployment and declining GDP growth, are causing foreign companies and investors to lose interest.

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On the 70th Anniversary of Korean Armistice: Assessing the North Korea Threat

Antonio Graceffo

North Korea poses a significant cyber threat to the United States with its espionage cyber programs and attack systems, while it also remains a potential catalyst for conflict in the world, aided by China’s powerful arms support.

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