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Alexander Görlach is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. He is an op-ed contributor to The New York Times. 


Putin and Xi Seek to Remake the World Order

Alexander Görlach

By taking Ukraine, Putin is attempting to annul universal values with “might makes right.”

柏林圍牆 The Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989. The photo shows a part of a public photo documentation wall at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. The photo documentation is permanently placed in the public.

OPINION: Lessons Taiwan Can Learn from German Transitional Justice

Alexander Görlach

Students in Taiwan should focus on the period after German reunification to draw lessons on how to deal with transitional justice.


Trump's Asia Trip was Surprisingly Predictable

Alexander Görlach

Donald Trump seems to be content with withdrawing his country from the Asia-Pacific security landscape — but withdrawing leaves a vacuum into which others will expand.


German Election Losses Leave Merkel's North Korea Stance in Limbo

Alexander Görlach

German Chancellor Angela Merkel previously advocated Germany take a lead role in brokering a diplomatic solution to the crisis in North Korea. But election losses for her Christian Democratic Union party have left her weakened at home, and the country's future stance on the issue in doubt.

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