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Adam Hatch is the founder of, a writing training platform and school in Taipei, as well as the founder of, a student news and issues blog written entirely by Taiwanese students. He holds a Master's in Asia-Pacific Studies from National Chengchi University. A long-time resident of Taiwan, he is an avid explorer of Taiwan's history, geography, and culture.


How Can We Transform Taiwan Into a Bilingual Country?

Adam Hatch

The Taiwanese government is determined to improve the country's English competency in the next decade. Beyond education, what kind of policy changes are necessary to facilitate the reform?

Taipei city skyline

GUIDE: How to Go to College in Taiwan

Adam Hatch

Studying at university in Taiwan is relatively easy to arrange, inexpensive and has a range of extracurricular upsides.

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Taiwan's Government Faces '100,000 Hacking Attempts Per Month'

Adam Hatch

Taiwan is a global node of internet traffic, but also a major target for PRC hackers.


Top 5 Christmas Events in Taipei

Adam Hatch

Taipei has plenty of Christmas activities for all the holiday lovers out there. If there is anything we left out, be sure to let us know in the comments! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, Taiwan.


OPINION: Taiwan Must Come to its Own Defense

Adam Hatch

If Taiwan is so outclassed militarily, why should Taipei bother with military expenditures at all?


Taiwan Isolated amid New TPP Trade Talks

Adam Hatch

Following the withdrawal of the U.S. in January, the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement looked dead in the water. Yet with talks among the 11 remaining nations restarting in Japan and Vietnam, could a revised TPP leave the door open for Taiwan to join?


China-Taiwan Tourism: A Bellwether for Stormy Seas Ahead?

Adam Hatch

If Taiwan-China trade begins to go the way of cross-Strait tourism, it’s likely that the relationship is headed for even more difficult times, argues Adam Hatch.


REVIEW: Pachuco Mexican Dining Bar in Taipei

Adam Hatch

'Pachuco has a lot to offer, but the cuisine is the star of the show.'


OPINION: Deleting the Generalissimo from Taiwan is the Wrong Move

Adam Hatch

'Chiang Kai-shek was the greatest single fighter of the CCP, bar none. He also led China through one of the darkest periods of its history, including a brutal war with Japan and two periods of civil war, which wrapped together were a central part of the greatest conflict in human history.'

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