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2020/01/02 | Abby Huang
New Power Party: Chen Jiau-hua, the Iron Lady of Environmental Protection
The News Lens interviewed Chen Jiau-hua, the first legislative candidate on New Power Party's party list. Chen is a longtime environmental activist who wishes to enter the legislature and push for real changes.
2018/07/23 | Abby Huang
Taiwan's Electricity Shortage and the 'Demand Response' Solution
Taiwan’s daily electricity consumption in May repeatedly hit record highs. Could power be in short supply this summer? Who is sucking up all the power, and could new initiatives encourage them to cough it back up?
2018/02/21 | Abby Huang
How did Taiwan Lose the Battle of the Noodles?
The Chinese market is the grand prize for instant noodles; how did South Korea rise to number one?