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Reporter at The News Lens, now base in Buenos Aires


Taiwan to Ban Local Distribution of Chinese Streaming Services

Abby Huang

Taiwan is planning to ban Chinese streaming services from partnering with local distributors starting on September 3.


TSMC Makes 'World's Largest' Corporate Green Power Purchase Agreement

Abby Huang

TSMC will purchase the entire productive capacity of two wind farms off the coast of Changhua, Taiwan. According to Ørsted, the agreement is the largest of its kind in the world.

白宮網站請願任WHO秘書長 陳時中:博君一笑

The Coronavirus Is an Opportunity for Taiwan's Disease Prevention Diplomacy

Abby Huang

Taiwan has been "making friends" with other countries by various means even though it cannot export face masks and other supplies. What can Taiwan provide at the moment?


New Power Party: Chen Jiau-hua, the Iron Lady of Environmental Protection

Abby Huang

The News Lens interviewed Chen Jiau-hua, the first legislative candidate on New Power Party's party list. Chen is a longtime environmental activist who wishes to enter the legislature and push for real changes.


Taiwan's Electricity Shortage and the 'Demand Response' Solution

Abby Huang

Taiwan’s daily electricity consumption in May repeatedly hit record highs. Could power be in short supply this summer? Who is sucking up all the power, and could new initiatives encourage them to cough it back up?


How did Taiwan Lose the Battle of the Noodles?

Abby Huang

The Chinese market is the grand prize for instant noodles; how did South Korea rise to number one?

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