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ZiQing Low is a staff writer for The News Lens International.
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2017/03/29 | ZiQing Low
Taiwanese Detained in China Talked Democracy, Human Rights on WeChat
Lee Ming-cheh is being detained in China by a branch of the state security police.
2017/03/28 | ZiQing Low
South Korean Retailer Strains to Win Back Chinese Customers
Nearly 90 Lotte stores in China have been shut down amid China’s boycott of South Korea.
2017/03/27 | ZiQing Low
'Large-Scale Political Prosecution' as Hong Kong Police Crack Down on Occupy Leaders
Former student leaders of the Umbrella Movement expect large-scale political prosecution following the election of pro-China Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam.
2017/03/21 | ZiQing Low
Fears for Safety of Taiwanese NGO Worker Missing in China
Radio Free Asia has reported a Taiwanese NGO worker is missing in China.
2017/03/20 | ZiQing Low
First Tibetan Self-Immolation of 2017: Reports
Reports are emerging that a 24-year-old set himself on fire in protest over China's rule in Tibet.
2017/03/14 | ZiQing Low
Will China Use Google Scholar to Rewrite History?
Experts fear that Beijing's information controls will ‘little by little’ affect access to information outside of China.
2017/03/08 | ZiQing Low
Further Measures to be Taken to Promote Gender Equality in Taiwan: Tsai
Despite catching up in education, women still face inequality when they enter the workforce.
2017/03/01 | ZiQing Low
Taiwan Deports Indonesian Worker for Possible ISIS Ties
The migrant worker was reportedly radicalized after she began using Facebook in Taiwan.
2017/02/21 | ZiQing Low
Warnings on Deportation to China Fail to Dissuade Taiwanese Fraudsters
Government warnings that Taiwanese fraudsters will end up in a Chinese prison appear to have fallen on deaf ears.
2017/02/20 | ZiQing Low
Taiwan Same-Sex Marriage Supporters and Opponents Agree to Talks
LGBT rights activists worry that amendments to the Civil Code will be further delayed despite the discussions.
2017/01/13 | ZiQing Low
Legal Loopholes Lead to Human Rights Abuses on Taiwanese Fishing Boats: Report
An Indonesian magazine has found that many Indonesian workers working on Taiwanese fishing vessels are inexperienced.
2017/01/10 | ZiQing Low
China Continues Persecution of Taiwan, HK Artists
Many believe this confirms the existence of China’s blacklist of 55 artists.
2017/01/07 | ZiQing Low
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2017/01/03 | ZiQing Low
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