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Zi Yang is a researcher and consultant on China affairs. He covers Chinese politics, security, and emerging markets. Zi holds an MA from Georgetown University and a BA from George Mason University. Follow him on Twitter @MrZiYang.

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2017/07/25 | Zi Yang
Why a Lobbying Group is the Biggest Winner of China’s Latest Trade Embargo Against Myanmar
Besides being an active participant in government-led anti-smuggling operations, the China Sugar Association also fights smuggling with its own initiatives, such as offering cash rewards to anyone who turn-in a smuggler to the authorities.
2017/07/18 | Zi Yang
Xi Jinping is Restoring 'Traditionalism' in China amid Cultural Revival Campaign
Xi Jinping’s China is witnessing the unfolding of a cultural revival campaign. Although state-driven cultural revival is a win with the mostly conservative Chinese, the Party-state’s leading position in the campaign means it has all the power to determine what is an 'outstanding' element of traditional culture.
2017/04/22 | Zi Yang
Political Indoctrination in Chinese Colleges
Among Chinese college students, support for the Party and government remain strong, at least on paper.
2017/02/10 | Zi Yang
Rural China and the Asian Methamphetamine Trade: A Case Study of Lufeng
Despite the growth of China’s security budget in recent years, the state’s seemingly inability to stamp out the drug business shows us the corrupting effects of the trade on local administrators who protected traffickers for financial gains.
2016/10/19 | Zi Yang
China’s Private Security Companies Expand Role at Home and Abroad
Unlike their large and globally renowned Western counterparts, Chinese private security companies are small, young and largely unknown. But the industry has grown rapidly and is already worth hundreds of millions of dollars.