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2017/03/15 | Yin Yijun

The Tax Man Cometh for China’s Wealthy Net Celebs

A Beijing tax bureau found out live-streaming platform pocketed commissions from fans’ virtual gifts without declaring them as income.

2016/12/28 | Yin Yijun

Documentaries Fight for Attention Amid Box-Office Boom in China

With limited freedom and financing, documentary filmmakers cut their own paths to find audiences.

2017/07/01 | Yin Yijun

Hip-Hop Lovers Say China’s First Rap Talent Show Is Out of Tune

A new reality show seeks to bring hip-hop to the forefront of the country’s music scene, but not without pushback.

2017/08/01 | Yin Yijun

Capturing the Human Side of China’s Pop Idols

Over the past decade, photojournalist Chen Zhongqiu has witnessed the changing tides in the world of female pop idols in China.

2017/09/21 | Yin Yijun

Creating Visual Effects for China’s Billion-dollar TV Industry

A visual effects supervisor discusses the future of the profession that brings fantasy to life.

2017/03/09 | Yin Yijun

The Artist Rejecting East-West and Old-New Dichotomies

The seeming contradictions of Xu Bing’s art speak to his experience of the Cultural Revolution and his wish to bridge tradition and modernity.

2017/08/11 | Yin Yijun

The Tibetan Director Eschewing the Exotic

Celebrated filmmaker Pema Tseden talks to Sixth Tone about refusing to romanticize his homeland in his pioneering Tibetan-language movies.