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2017/01/09 | Yan Jie
Chinese Police Detain Man for Videos of Islamic State Beheadings
The case comes almost a year after China’s anti-terrorism law was put into effect.
2016/10/27 | Yan Jie
Chinese Delivery Industry Leaves Trail of Tape and Cardboard
Report says courier services used enough adhesive tape in 2015 to circle Earth 425 times.
2017/03/13 | Yan Jie
The Surprise About Shanghai’s Traffic Crackdown: It’s Working
In a country where traffic laws are willfully ignored, officials in China’s most populous city have launched a dramatic campaign to improve residents’ quality of life.
2016/11/21 | Yan Jie
China’s Courts Look to A.I. for Smarter Judgments
Big data and machine learning artificial intelligence to make China’s judicial system more intelligent and efficient?