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2017/09/02 | Wu Haiyun

The Last of the Oroqen Hunters

In the frozen wilderness of China’s Hinggan Mountains, an ethnic minority group watches its heritage slip away amid tightening gun control.

2017/08/15 | Wu Haiyun

How Blockbuster Movies Capture China’s Changing Nationalism

Now the country’s highest-grossing film ever, ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ merges Hollywood-style thrills with state-sanctioned patriotism.

2017/01/11 | Wu Haiyun

Why Public Intellectuals Have Become Targets of Online Abuse in China

To young and patriotic internet users, established Chinese literati come across as condescending, intolerant, and sometimes bigoted.

2016/11/09 | Wu Haiyun

How Chinese People Make Western Names for Themselves

When English learners combine foreign language proficiency with traditional naming practices, the results can be unexpected.

2016/08/30 | Wu Haiyun

How ‘Little Fresh Meats’ Are Winning China Over

Chinese women are using their power as consumers to change traditional stereotypes of male beauty.