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Wu'er Kaixi is an exiled Chinese dissident in Taiwan who longs for a society in which everyone respects, defends, and enjoys freedom.

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2017/07/14 | Wu'er Kaixi

'Murdered but Undefeated' - Wu'er Kaixi Reflects on the Loss of His Friend, Liu Xiaobo

'It is time for the world to ask itself, are we accomplices, do we appease this, or do we stand up against so-called Chinese values?'

2016/09/02 | Wu'er Kaixi

Three Advantages China Has Over Taiwan? Think Again

A famous Chinese dissident takes a foreign journalist to account over a recent article giving China several advantages over Taiwan.

2016/07/12 | Wu'er Kaixi

No Stepping Back for Xi After Hague Ruling

'The boldest, most calculating political leader since Mao, Mr. Xi may have made himself the most fêted politician in modern Chinese history, but in staking everything on personal unassailability he has locked himself  —  and China ­— into a position he cannot step down from.'