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Vivienne Chow is a Hong Kong-based journalist and critic specializing in arts, culture and cultural politics. She is the founding director of non-profit educational initiative Cultural Journalism Campus.

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2018/01/11 | Vivienne Chow

Hong Kong's Passports Reveal a Deeper Divide

Vivienne Chow explains how the BNO passport is still an important material shibboleth.

2017/02/20 | Vivienne Chow

Democracy Won't be the Winner in the Hong Kong Election

As the leader of Hong Kong, which is now in its twentieth year as the Special Administration Region of China, the Chief Executive has to take orders from Beijing.

2016/12/14 | Vivienne Chow

Christmas Comes Early in Hong Kong

The departure of Hong Kong's CY Leung has been welcomed. But perhaps Hongkongers should delay the champagne, writes Vivienne Chow.