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2018/06/08 | The Conversation
K-Pop, BTS and Breaking America
The Korean boy band BTS is the advance guard of what could well be a K-pop invasion of the West.
2018/06/04 | The Conversation
Urbanization, the Escalator Dilemma and Big Data
Cities might be better off if people stood still on longer climbs, one study finds.
2018/06/01 | The Conversation
How Globalization Changes How Disease Spreads
A look at disease transmission from the Spanish Flu to SARS.
2018/05/30 | The Conversation
INDONESIA: Fighting Radicalism in Islamic Schools
Recent attacks on Java highlight the importance of the power of education as a moderating force.
2018/05/25 | The Conversation
Malaysia's Real Political Struggle Is Just Beginning
The election went smoothly, but the political forecast looks rough.
2018/05/17 | The Conversation
When Dictators Fall, Who Replaces Them?
A global glance at the future of authoritarianism.
2018/05/14 | The Conversation
4 Questions About Air Pollution and Your Health
Air pollution knows no boundaries and is a leading cause of early death worldwide.
2018/05/07 | The Conversation
A Decade Later, Cyclone Nargis Still Holds Lessons for Myanmar
Myanmar has learned from the disaster, but it is prepared for the next one?
2018/05/04 | The Conversation
ANALYSIS: How the US Can Take China to Task on Trade Secrets
Unfair competition law offers a sharper and more effective weapon than tariffs in the drive to even the trading playing field.
2018/05/04 | The Conversation
Crops in Central China's Rice Belt Soaked in Toxic Mercury
Fish is often seen as the main source of mercury in food, but the brain damaging pollutant can be absorbed just as easily through rice.
2018/05/04 | The Conversation
‘Pro-Poor’ Tourism Falls Flat in India's Varanasi
Tourism is a mainstay of the Indian economy, but attempts to spread the wealth have come up short.
2018/05/02 | The Conversation
INDONESIA: Excluded from Society, Refugees Face Extreme Poverty, Suicide
Indonesia is a transit country for many refugees, but they face harsh conditions as they wait in limbo.
2018/04/30 | The Conversation
ANALYSIS: A Korean Peace Process Now Requires the US and China
Despite the most significant step towards peace since the end of the Korean War, further progress requires all four countries be involved.
2018/04/27 | The Conversation
ANALYSIS: The Xi Supremacy and Its Impact on Africa
The machinations of China's leadership in Zhongnanhai will be felt from Cairo to Capetown.
2018/04/25 | The Conversation
New Delhi, Dengue, and Big Data: How Fighting Disease Can Unite a City
The fight against infectious disease in urban India could help create more inclusive social institutions.
2018/04/20 | The Conversation
Grab and Gojek Drivers in Indonesia Push to Unionize
Recent protests indicate a move towards collective resistance against exploitative working conditions and towards collective bargaining on wages and working conditions.
2018/04/20 | The Conversation
OPINION: Why You Should Read and Re-read 'Dream of the Red Chamber'
Besides offering a deep peek into Qing Dynasty culture, the classic novel remains relevant today for readers of all ages.