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2020/03/02 | The Conversation
Korean Drama 'Crash Landing on You' Bridges the North-South Divide
"Crash Landing on You" tells a rare love story across the inter-Korean division and humanizes life in North Korea.
2020/03/13 | The Conversation
‘Cabin Fever’: The Social and Psychological Impacts of a Coronavirus Lockdown
As the COVID-19 outbreak intensifies, mass isolation in virus epicenters is becoming a common tactic. The psychological and social impact of these measures are starting to emerge.
2020/01/23 | The Conversation
Snakes Could Be the Source of the New Coronavirus Outbreak in China
Researchers have found that the protein codes in the new coronavirus to be most similar to those in snakes, and reports indicate that snakes were sold in the local seafood market in Wuhan.
2020/03/19 | The Conversation
The Real Economic Victims of Coronavirus Are Those We Can't See
Supply chain workers are not directly employed by the brands for whom they produce goods, and can be left destitute when the work stops.
2020/02/12 | The Conversation
Chinese Movie Studio Upturned Its Business Model Due to Coronavirus
The coronavirus outbreak has shut down movie theaters during Lunar New Year, causing movie studios with New Year screenings to lose billions of dollars. But one of them thought of a brilliant alternative.
2020/03/20 | The Conversation
How Chinese People Came Together With Humor and Creativity During Lockdown
Acts of kindness and humor in Wuhan during the coronavirus lockdown remind us of the human aspects of life, even in times of crisis.
2020/03/17 | The Conversation
How to Stay Connected and Avoid the Side Effects of Social Distancing
While social distancing can minimize the spread of the coronavirus, it can induce more stress and weaken immune responses. How can we stay healthy and connected during this time?
2020/07/02 | The Conversation
Persistent Extreme Heat and Air Pollution Threaten Global Health
The frequency of days with both extreme heat and pollution – and the number of people that will be affected by those days – could massively increase by 2050.
2020/04/29 | The Conversation
Meat Processing Plants Face Heightened Criminal Liability Amid Covid-19
While there’s no evidence Covid-19 can be spread through food, companies must weigh the risks all the same.
2020/04/24 | The Conversation
Why Dalgona Coffee Is the Quarantine Drink of Choice
Dalgona coffee, reportedly named after a South Korean candy, has taken social media by storm. It has everything to do with our current Covid-19 induced isolation.
2020/07/06 | The Conversation
Rethinking K-pop Industry’s Silence During the Black Lives Matter Movement
The K-pop industry has generally tried to stay apolitical, but its expanding American fan base has encouraged some K-pop stars to express their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.
2020/02/25 | The Conversation
Indian Women Join a Global ‘Fourth Wave’ Feminist Movement
Thousands of women across India are protesting the country's anti-citizenship law and gender discrimination.
2020/06/05 | The Conversation
Why Hong Kong’s History With Vietnamese Refugees Matters in Its Struggle Now
Between 1975 and 1997, almost 200,000 Vietnamese sought refuge in Hong Kong. Tens of thousands were held in Hong Kong camps, often for years, waiting for their asylum claims to be processed. Vietnamese struggling for their dignity helped bring about Hong Kong's habeas corpus protections.
2020/04/03 | The Conversation
Social Media Platforms Can Do More to Tamp Down Coronavirus Misinformation
Social media companies have tried to limit coronavirus misinformation, but they can do more.
2020/01/28 | The Conversation
Blue Acceleration: Our Dash for Ocean Resources
The "Blue Acceleration" is consuming ocean resources faster than ever, destroying million of marine species that could help develop the antibiotics and medicines of tomorrow.
2020/06/01 | The Conversation
Police Officers Accused of Brutal Violence Often Have a History of Complaints by Citizens
A scholar of law and the criminal justice system reports on the connections between complaint histories and police violence.