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2016/11/03 | Tao Tao Holmes

China's Classroom Maps Put the Middle Kingdom at the Center of the World

This has not changed much since the earliest known Chinese world map was printed in 1602.

2016/07/04 | Tao Tao Holmes

China’s Reincarnation Database Verifies 870 Living Buddhas. But How?

Living Buddhas are believed to be the reincarnations of prominent lamas or religious leaders in Tibetan Buddhism, and their numbers in China have risen from 358 last September to 870 this January. How has this number gone up so fast?

2016/06/27 | Tao Tao Holmes

Secret Missionaries and Smuggled Bibles: China's Religious Boom

Is China’s changing religious landscape a “spiritual crisis,” as some have said, or a spiritual miracle?