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Taiwaneseculture.org is part of the American Citizen for Taiwan Foundation, a non-profit organization created to introduce the Taiwanese culture and its world-famous cuisine to the American people. We believe that when Americans learn more about Taiwan and its culture they will become supporters of its people and future.

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Origins of Taiwanese Fusion Cuisine: It's Not That Simple
Taiwan is a melting pot of food cultures, whose unique cuisine comes from a long history of colonization.
My Life with Formosan Dogs
"If there are families in the U.S. or Canada willing to give one of our rescues a home, who are we to turn them away and not give that dog a better life?" said Liza Milne of Mary’s Doggies, a dog rescue organization in Taiwan.
RECIPE: Taiwanese Style Chicken Salad
If it's too dangerously hot to cook or bake, take this cool chicken salad with you!
RECIPE: Taiwanese Style Poached Pork
Poached pork is a great method of preventing a debilitating bout of PDS (pork deficiency syndrome). No need to consult a doctor for this recipe, diagnosis: delicious.
RECIPE: Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken
This special snack is one of Taiwan's must-have street foods today.
OPINION: Towards Safer Traffic in Taiwan — It's Not the Culture that Kills
For traffic safety to radically improve in Taiwan, rather than design the streets to be convenient mostly for cars, the built environment of cities and towns should be re-oriented so that it is convenient for pedestrians, mass public transit, and small size vehicles.
RECIPE: Three Cup Chicken
Remember to fire up the rice cooker. This is not a dainty dish.
RECIPE: Oyster Noodles
Oyster Noodles is a great dish for anyone seeking something hot and gooey.
RECIPE: Pineapple Bars
Pineapple cakes are incredibly tasty but also incredibly difficult to make at home. This dead simple recipe for pineapple bars has an American twist on a Taiwanese traditional snack.
RECIPE: Shredded Taro Cake
A specialty hailing from Tainan, southern Taiwan, this dish is best served hot.