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Taiwan Insight is the online magazine of the University of Nottingham's Taiwan Studies Program.

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2018/10/21 | Taiwan Insight

Taiwan Cinema Through the Lens of Wei Te-sheng

A new book charts the blossoming of Taiwan's cinema from the dawn of the democratic era to the present day.

2018/10/21 | Taiwan Insight

The Taiwan Coast Guard's South China Sea Challenge

Taiwan is bulking up its coast guard, but the scope of ROC territory necessitates some tough decisions for its commanders.

2018/10/11 | Taiwan Insight

ANALYSIS: Here's Why the ROC Agrees with the PRC in the South China Sea

The ROC maintains its claims in the South China Sea based on a historical connection to a country it has been separated from since 1949.

2018/10/06 | Taiwan Insight

Inside Taiwan's Indie Music Scene: Is It Truly 'Independent'?

Taiwan's indie scene has coalesced with the mainstream, sometimes muddying the distinction between 'indie' and 'independent.'

2018/10/03 | Taiwan Insight

Taiwan's Higher Education Threatened by Low Birthrate, 'China Factor'

An Oxford Economics report estimates that Taiwan will have the world's largest talent deficit by 2021.

2018/09/28 | Taiwan Insight

The 'Realist' Case for the US to Keep Supporting Taiwan

Some US commentators have called for the US to be 'realistic' and compromise with China on Taiwan. But supporting Taiwan is the truly realistic option.

2018/09/17 | Taiwan Insight

ANALYSIS: After 2 Years, Any Changes in the US-China-Taiwan Relationship?

In engaging with the US, Tsai Ing-wen has stuck to the same script as previous Taiwanese leaders. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

2018/09/14 | Taiwan Insight

Embassy Analysis: The American Institute in Taiwan vs Trump's Jerusalem Move

Look to Jerusalem for a read on the significance of this summer's opening of a new complex for Taiwan's de facto embassy.

2018/05/29 | Taiwan Insight

ANALYSIS: The Broken Promise of Tsai Ing-wen

The DPP's record on following through with promises of political reform is less than stellar.

2018/05/25 | Taiwan Insight

TAIWAN: After 2 Years of Tsai, Voters Shun Partisan Politics

Data suggests Taiwan voters increasingly identify as non-partisan.

2018/04/27 | Taiwan Insight

Should Taiwan Push to Buy F-35s?

Selling the US$100 million dollar jet to Taiwan may be more complicated than it seems.

2018/04/25 | Taiwan Insight

OPINION: Taiwan–US Relations Reach a Turning Point

Gerrit van der Wees argues that a confluence of trends means that 2018 will be a defining year for the United States and Taiwan.

2018/04/04 | Taiwan Insight

Can Taiwan Defend Identity from China's United Front Tactics?

Lauren Dickey argues that defending the Taiwanese populace against the lure of Chinese jobs is just as important as military defense.

2018/03/28 | Taiwan Insight

OPINION: Taiwan Can Breathe Easier after Xi's Power Play

Xi Jinping may well plan to step aside as president in 2023, but he will maintain power behind the scenes anyway.

2018/03/26 | Taiwan Insight

OPINION: China's Incentives Should Accelerate Reforms in Taiwan

China's attempts to lure Taiwanese talent should serve to hasten economic and social reforms at home.