Taiwan Business TOPICS Magazine
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Taiwan Business TOPICS is published monthly by the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, and covers major current trends affecting business conditions in Taiwan, as well as in-depth coverage of particular industrial sectors, and other reports prepared by the magazines staff of experienced professional journalists.
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Rough Landing: Time to Close Taipei's Songshan Airport?
Given the downtown airport’s ownership structure and importance in serving Taiwan’s outlying islands, closing it would be problematic.
Tsai Pivots Taiwan Southward
The government is seeking to strengthen trade, investment, tourism, education, and cultural relations with South and Southeast Asia.
Fighter-Trainers and Submarines: Taiwan's Defense Industry Turns Inward
Taiwan’s capabilities in software and IT hardware will also likely stand it in good stead when it comes to developing Taiwan’s cyber warfare capabilities.
Green Energy for a Nuclear-Free, Low-Carbon Future
The key factor explaining the optimism surrounding green energy in Taiwan is not the rate of current progress, but rather belief that finally, the government is solidly behind the industry.