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2017/04/11 | TNL Staff
INFOGRAPHIC: China the World’s Top Executor in 2016
The number of death sentences and executions in China each year are both in the thousands.
2017/04/08 | TNL Staff
No Taiwan Mention After Trump-Xi Summit as Focus Turns to Syria
Ahead of the talks, while most Taiwan experts anticipated a benign outcome for Taiwan from the summit, few, given the Trump administration’s unpredictability, were willing to fully rule out the possibility of an unexpected statement or announcement.
2017/04/07 | TNL Staff
Reporters Without Borders Picks Taipei over Hong Kong
RSF told The New York Times the organization originally wanted to open its Asia office in Hong Kong but the organization was concerned about 'a lack of legal certainty' and surveillance of its members.
2017/03/28 | TNL Staff
Former Taiwan President Innocent of Leaking Classified Information
The former president has been cleared of several violations related to a wiretapping case in 2013.
2017/03/28 | TNL Staff
Riot Breaks Out in Paris After Police Kill Chinese Man
Witnesses say the police used batons and tear gas to break up the group.
2017/03/24 | TNL Staff
Taiwan Supreme Court Hears Landmark Same-Sex Marriage Case
Draft amendments which would legalize same-sex marriage late last year passed a committee review in Taiwan's Parliament, and still need to pass second and third readings before becoming law. But this process could be overtaken by the Supreme Court's verdict due within two months.