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2017/07/12 | TNL Staff
'I Have No Enemies: My Final Statement' - Liu Xiaobo's Nobel Lecture
'I still want to say to this regime, which is depriving me of my freedom, that I stand by the convictions I expressed in my June Second Hunger Strike Declaration twenty years ago ‑ I have no enemies and no hatred'
2017/07/09 | TNL Staff
Five Places to Taste Taiwan's Fruit
Good Eye Taipei’s recommendations for places to taste fruits in Taipei.
2017/07/08 | TNL Staff
Six Tea Houses to Visit in Taipei
Good Eye Taipei’s recommendations for tea houses to check out in Taipei.
2017/06/29 | TNL Staff
PHOTO STORY: Hong Kong Locked Down for Xi Visit
Animosity towards Beijing has grown in recent years in Hong Kong, particularly among young people.
2017/06/13 | TNL Staff
BREAKING: Panama Cuts Ties with Taiwan, Switches to Beijing
Panama is the latest of Taiwan's diplomatic allies to ditch it for Beijing.
2017/06/08 | TNL Staff
CARTOON: China Rebuffs Taiwan President's Comments on Tiananmen Massacre
China hit back at President Tsai-Ing-wen’s tweets that called for China to adopt democratic reforms.
2017/05/29 | TNL Staff
ILLUSTRATION: 5 Traditional Desserts in Taiwan
The News Lens shares five common traditional Taiwanese desserts.