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2016/07/28 | TNL Staff
China Encourages Local Internet Enterprises to Expand into HK and Macau
China flexes its muscles over online media while urging Chinese Internet companies to expand into Hong Kong and Macau.
2016/07/20 | TNL Staff
BREAKING: Seaplane Crashes Into Bridge in Shanghai, 5 Dead
Ten people were on board the nine-seater seaplane, which crashed 10 minutes after takeoff.
2016/07/06 | TNL Staff
Six Elderly Residents Killed in Taiwan Retirement Home Blaze
Police are trying to determine whether insufficient staff may have hampered evacuation efforts.
2016/07/03 | TNL Staff
9th SOAS Taiwan Studies Summer School Promises Much Excitement
With film, music and politics, this summer's lineup is one of the best in years.
2016/06/13 | TNL Staff
Chinese Films Cross Fingers for Distribution Slot in Taiwan
Cross-strait relations don’t only come up in politics, but in the movie industry as well. And in this battle, the Chinese are at a disadvantage in the Taiwanese market.
2016/06/13 | TNL Staff
Second Canadian Hostage Killed by Abu Sayyaf in Philippines
The ISIS-linked organization had set a deadline of 3pm today to receive ransom. Two other hostages remain in captivity.