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2016/10/29 | TNL Staff
[PHOTO STORY] Taiwan Pride Parade
Taiwan's LGBT community is celebrating tonight. The annual Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade is one of the biggest in Asia and was expected to draw some 80,000 people to the streets of Taipei today. This year's event arrives with Taiwan on the cusp of becoming the first country in the region to legalize same-sex marriage.
2016/10/26 | TNL Staff
[PHOTO STORY] Hong Kong’s Oath Taking Drama Turns Nasty
Tense scenes inside and outside Hong Kong's parliament as the new 'localists' continue to defy the old guard.
2016/10/13 | TNL Staff
Cracks Show in KMT as Chair Plans China Visit
The internal divide within Taiwan’s opposition party is showing as some members question the chair’s upcoming visit to Beijing.
2016/10/11 | TNL Staff
Startup Launches Scooter Sharing Service in Taipei
If the YouBike bike-sharing program can be used as an indicator, WeMo Scooter may well be poised for success in Taipei.
2016/10/01 | TNL Staff
South China Sea Watch No. 8
An overview of the past week's key developments in the South China Sea.
2016/09/24 | TNL Staff
Cross-Strait Watch No. 6
An overview of the past week's developments in cross-Strait relations.
2016/09/14 | TNL Staff
Super Typhoon Meranti Batters Southern Taiwan
With gusts of 227 kph, Meranti is the strongest typhoon to make landfall in Taiwan in 21 years.
2016/09/01 | TNL Staff
Ex Foreign Minister James Huang Heading for Singapore: Reports
The Tsai Ing-wen administration has yet to confirm the news of Huang's appointment.
2016/08/31 | TNL Staff
Four More Taiwanese Drug Traffickers Sentenced to Death in Indonesia
The four could join the more than 40 individuals who could be executed by the end of 2017.
2016/08/30 | TNL Staff
BREAKING: Explosion at Chinese Embassy in Bishkek
Early reports say a vehicle with explosives on board rammed into the Chinese embassy in the Kyrgyz capital. One dead and three injured reported.
2016/08/24 | TNL Staff
UPDATE: Taiwan's Tai Tzu-ying Will Not Be Punished or Suspended
The Chinese Taipei Badminton Assocation has apologized and made further related announcements.
2016/08/12 | TNL Staff
BREAKING: Thailand Rocked By Eight Explosions
Several bombs have exploded in Thailand in the past 24 hours, killing at least four people.
2016/08/12 | TNL Staff
10 Inmates Killed in Philippines Prison Grenade Blast
At least 10 inmates who were killed at a prison in the Philippines on Thursday may have been trying to escape.
2016/08/11 | TNL Staff
Taipei 101 to Welcome 2017 With…Light Show
Rather than the usual fireworks, a light show and France’s famous Strasbourg Christmas Market will help revelers welcome 2017 in Taipei.
2016/08/10 | TNL Staff
Vietnam Deploys ‘State-of-the-Art’ Rocket Launchers in S China Sea
Vietnam is reported to have moved a new Israel-made rocket launcher to five areas in the Spratlys.
2016/08/09 | TNL Staff
INTERVIEW: Diaries of Taiwan's Pokemon Addicts
The News Lens International talks to a group of people caught chasing digital monsters around Taipei.
2016/08/08 | TNL Staff
South China Sea Watch No. 6
An overview of the past week's key developments in the South China Sea.
2016/08/04 | TNL Staff
ANALYSIS: Singapore’s New Justice Law has Far-Reaching Implications
A new bill, which will undergo a second reading on Aug. 15, could have a chilling effect on freedom of expression in Singapore and abroad.