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2020/06/03 | TNL Staff
Taiwan to Offer Stimulus Coupons Targeting Retail and Leisure Industries
Starting July 15, Taiwanese citizens and foreign spouses can pay NT$1,000 for an NT$3,000 voucher that can be used at most stores.
2020/06/01 | TNL Staff
What to Watch on GagaOOLala, Taiwan’s LGBT Streaming Platform
GagaOOLala, a Taiwan-based LGBT-focused streaming service, has launched internationally. Here are three highlights from its lineup of films.
2020/05/27 | TNL Staff
Terrace House Star Hana Kimura Could Not Escape Cyberbullying
Terrace House star Hana Kimura, 22, committed suicide on May 23. Like many reality show stars, her reputation may have been smeared by what South Koreans have dubbed “devil’s editing,” leading to an outpouring of abusive comments.
2020/05/20 | TNL Staff
President Tsai Ing-wen Inaugural Address Pays Homage to Covid-19 Heroes
Tsai Ing-wen took the oath of office today for her second presidential term. In her inaugural address, she touched upon Taiwan's position in the world and its economic strategies in Covid-19's wake.
2020/05/19 | TNL Staff
Tsai Ing-Wen's Second Term Cabinet Announced Ahead of Inauguration
Tsai Ing-wen's second term Cabinet features many familiar faces, along with the appointment of the first indigenous Taiwanese to be the spokesperson for the Presidential Office, Kolas Yotaka.
2020/05/18 | TNL Staff
TSMC Ceases Huawei Orders After New US Restrictions
In ceasing Huawei orders, TSMC is taking the side of the U.S. in its trade war with China.
2020/05/13 | TNL Staff
Professor's Apology to Chinese Student Sparks Debate on Taiwan's Academic Freedom
A Chinese student in Taiwan demanded his professor make an apology based on Covid-19 comments during a lecture.
2020/05/11 | TNL Staff
New Cluster Infections in South Korea Reveal Dangers in Reopening Economies
The nightclub outbreak in Seoul shows that successes containing Covid-19 remain liable to setback.
2020/04/15 | TNL Staff
The Story Behind the 'Taiwan Can Help' Ad on New York Times
On Tuesday, the New York Times ran an ad funded by a grassroots campaign to highlight Taiwan's success in the Covid-19 pandemic despite exclusion from the WHO. Here's the background on how this came about.
2020/03/24 | TNL Staff
Netflix to Unveil More Korean Dramas for Quarantine Entertainment
Netflix will roll out more Korean drama series and films to keep people entertained during coronavirus quarantine.
2020/03/19 | TNL Staff
Coronavirus: What You Need to Know About Taiwan's Entry Ban
Taiwan has banned foreign travelers from entering the country to curb the spread of coronavirus. Here are some useful resources and information on what you can do.
2020/03/10 | TNL Staff
Taiwan's Second Wave Response to Curb Coronavirus Spread
Taiwan is pursuing new preventive and disease control measures against the COVID-19 outbreak, despite exclusion from the World Health Organization.
2020/03/05 | TNL Staff
Coronavirus Interactive Map and Taiwan Updates
Stay informed with an interactive map of the global coronavirus outbreak and what Taiwan is doing to curb the spread of the coronavirus.
2020/03/02 | TNL Staff
Indonesia Expands Textile Production, Claiming Sustainability
Indonesia opened its largest manufacturing plant for viscose, a type of fabric made from trees. The plant claims to be working towards sustainable fashion.
2020/02/26 | TNL Staff
A Coffee Shop Guide to Hsinchu, Taiwan's Fika Capital
Hsinchu perhaps deserves the nickname "Taiwan's fika capital," perfect for coffee lovers who like to enjoy a cozy afternoon.
2020/02/09 | TNL Staff
Oscars 2020 Predictions: 1917, Parasite, Joker
Who will be the biggest winner at the 2020 Academy Awards?
2020/02/04 | TNL Staff
Ghost Island Media Spearheads Taiwan’s Rising Podcast Industry
Taipei-based Ghost Island Media is at the frontline of Taiwan's podcast industry, producing quality shows both in Mandarin and English.
2020/01/10 | TNL Staff
Taiwan's 2020 General Elections: Live Map and Updates
View live polling results and analyses on Taiwan's 2020 presidential and legislative elections on January 11, 2020.