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The News Lens Completes Series C Funding Round, Welcomes Key Strategic Investors

The new funding will contribute to brand restructuring, technical development and international expansion.


Taiwan's Latest Emergency Services Salary Switcharoo

TNL Staff

Junior cops are getting promised a raise of a whopping NT$1,370 per month, but two-thirds won't see it. Firefighters are also getting hosed.


MALAYSIA: Deja-vu as Mahathir Clinches General Election Vote

TNL Staff

GE14 was the most competitive election in the history of Malaysia, with a voter turnout of 80 percent and a razor-thin victory for Mahathir's opposition alliance.


SINGAPORE: Open Letter on PJ Thum and Academic Freedom in Singapore

TNL Staff

The controversy over hearings investigating fake news in Singapore have attracted international condemnation.


Beautiful Rural Taiwan Losing Battle Against ‘Garbage Waterfalls’

TNL Staff

Mountain villages are slow to adapt to the fallout of their newfound consumerism.


Suspicion and Anger in Hualien as Earthquake Donations Diverted to Industry

TNL Staff

Online rumors have swirled over the management of donations offered by private citizens.


Making Diplomatic Waves off the Diaoyutais

TNL Staff

A Taiwanese fishing vessel was water cannoned by Japanese patrol vessels for straying too close to exclusive waters.


Week in Focus: A Glance at Inequality

TNL Staff

The growing wealth gap is changing the world from Siberia to South Africa.


As Hualien Recovers, Focus Shifts to Reviving Tourism

TNL Staff

Hualien's county magistrate wants to use vouchers to lure in tourists.

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