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Taiwan 2020 Election Countdown

TNL Staff

Bringing you live election results on January 11, 2020 at 4:30PM Taipei Standard Time.


Taiwan 2020: How These Politicians Got Their Funny Nicknames

TNL Staff

Before Taiwan's 2020 elections, get to know these fun facts about these Taiwanese politicians' nicknames to add to your election chit-chat.


Year in Search: What Did Taiwanese Google in 2019?

TNL Staff

What did Taiwanese Google the most in 2019?


Stroll Around Yilan for a Weekend Getaway From Taipei

TNL Staff

Yilan is only a two-hour drive from Taipei but provides a completely different experience from the bustling capital city.


Taiwan 2020: Who's Ahead in the Presidential Polls

TNL Staff

A real-time estimate of who is likely to win Taiwan’s 2020 presidential election, based on an unweighted average of opinion polls conducted by various media outlets and political parties.


What's Coming to Netflix Taiwan in October 2019

TNL Staff

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming to Netflix Taiwan in October 2019.

taipei pride map

2019 Taiwan Pride: Taipei's LGBT Hotspots

TNL Staff

In May 2019, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage, which makes this year’s pride month all the more meaningful for the LGBT community. You can join the annual pride parade in Taipei on 10/26, with the parade route starting at the Taipei City Hall plaza and ending in front of the Presidential Office Building. If you’re planning to celebrate pride (and halloween!) in Taipei, follow our Taipei Pride Map to experience what Taipei has to offer for the LGBT community.


Taiwan Is Named the Best Destination for Expats In 2019

TNL Staff

Taiwan is the most beloved destination for expats in 2019, surpassing other popular destinations in Asia like Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong.


Taipei-Based Mobile Only Accelerator Graduates Its 7th Cohort of Asia-Pacific Startups

TNL Staff

The SOSV-backed accelerator graduates a new cohort of global startups pioneering health tech, education, fintech, social commerce and entertainment.


3 Things We Learned From the 936 Banned Chinese Twitter Accounts

TNL Staff

Twitter recently removed 936 China-linked accounts in a disinformation crackdown — let's take a look at how the internet army behaves.

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