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2017/02/20 | TNL Staff
New Suspects in North Korea Assassination; Chinese Uproar on Dalai Lama's US Visit; Japan-US Ties Under Trump
Asia Morning Update: A quick roundup of the most important news from around the region.
2017/02/16 | TNL Staff
INFOGRAPHIC: How Wide Does the Sky Lantern Clean-Up Need to Be?
The once annual event has now turned into a daily tourist attraction that harms the environment.
2017/02/09 | TNL Staff
Hundreds Lashed in Indonesia under Sharia Law
Sharia laws are particularly harsh for women and the LGBT community.
2017/02/02 | TNL Staff
BREAKING: Uber Suspends Operations in Taiwan
Uber has faced a hostile regulatory environment in Taiwan and a growing mountain of fines.
2017/01/20 | TNL Staff
Trending this Week
The biggest stories from Taiwan and around Asia this week.
2017/01/20 | TNL Staff
Taiwanese Believe They Are a Bargaining Chip for President Trump: Poll
While the Taiwanese were excited by the Trump-Tsai phone call, a survey has found most believe the island-nation is just a bargaining chip for the new U.S. president.
2017/01/13 | TNL Staff
The Rise of Demagogues and the Risk of a Dark Age Extends to Asia
A tour around the worsening human rights situation facing many countries in Asia.
2017/01/12 | TNL Staff
Tillerson Reaffirms Support for Taiwan, Likens South China Sea to Crimea
‘I think it is important that Taiwan knows we are going to live up to the commitments under the Relations Act and Six Issues Accord,’ Tillerson said.
2017/01/04 | TNL Staff
Trending in Taiwan Today
The biggest stories around Taiwan today.
2017/01/01 | TNL Staff
The News Lens Picks of the Week
In case you missed it, a selection of the best writing from The News Lens this week.
2016/12/28 | TNL Staff
Trending in Taiwan Today
Check out today's biggest stories around Taiwan.
2016/12/27 | TNL Staff
Trending in Taiwan Today
The biggest stories around Taiwan today.
2016/12/21 | TNL Staff
Trending in Taiwan Today
The biggest stories around Taiwan today.
2016/12/20 | TNL Staff
Trending in China Today
The biggest stories from around China.
2016/12/14 | TNL Staff
Trending in Taiwan Today
Today's biggest stories from around Taiwan.
2016/12/14 | TNL Staff
'Black Swan' Author Exposes Chinese Censorship over Taiwan in US
Most Taiwanese commenting on the issue via social media appear to support the author’s efforts.