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Experts: Taiwan-India Labor Cooperation MOU Will Yield Benefits In Domestic Economy

TNL Staff

Taiwan and India plan to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on labor cooperation, potentially allowing Indian workers to fill labor shortages in Taiwan, experts say.


KMT and TPP Set To Have A Second Cross-Party Negotiation

TNL Staff

Leaders of the KMT and the TPP will have a bilateral talk on Wednesday (15th) to discuss the way of co-authoring a joint ticket in the 2024 presidential race.


Taiwan, UK Expand On Bilateral Trade Partnership 

TNL Staff

The deepening economic and trade relations between the UK and Taiwan is highly beneficial as Taiwan seeks to gain access to the CPTPP.


‘Dual Nationality’ Remains An Unanswered Void for TPP’s Potential Legislator-at-Large

TNL Staff

Controversy surrounds Taiwanese legislator-at-large candidate Xu Chunying, with rumors circulating that she was a former Chinese Communist Party member.


Taiwan Bans Opinion Polls 10 Days Ahead of the Presidential Election

TNL Staff

Violators will face fines ranging from NTD$100,000 to NTD$1 million for publishing, commenting, or reporting on pollster results within ten days before the presidential election. Politicians or their related parties will face double fines.


DPP Presidential Candidate Lai Will Consider Nuclear Energy If Safety Is Ensured

TNL Staff

Vice President Lai Ching-te does not rule out exploring nuclear energy in the future if safety and waste disposal issues can be resolved through new technology.


Former Envoys Penalized After Sexual Misconducts Found ‘Credible’

TNL Staff

Two former envoys to the Philippines and Thailand have faced disciplinary actions after credible accusations of sexual harassment against them were made.


Hong Kong Public Library Removes Two Picture Books by Taiwanese Author

TNL Staff

The two removed Taiwanese picture books were found to contain the number “64” and a statue resembling the Goddess of Democracy.


New French Envoy Names Taiwan as “Priority Partner” in Science and Innovation Industry

TNL Staff

The new French envoy to Taiwan, Franck Paris, expressed his hope for cooperation in science and innovation between Taiwan and France.


Taiwan EV Gear Supplier to Establish Facility in the US, Extending Tech Partnership

TNL Staff

Taiwanese electric vehicle (EV) gear supplier Hota Industrial Manufacturing Co. is set to establish a new facility in New Mexico, US, with an initial investment of around NTD $1.5 billion ($54 million).

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