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2018/04/12 | TIME
New Addiction: Coffee Taking Over in the Heartlands of Chinese Tea Production
Coffee production is on the rise in China's traditional capital of tea.
2018/04/03 | TIME
FEATURE: China's Bicycle Apocalypse Is Here
China's failed bike sharing programs have left a wave of rusted steel across the country.
2018/02/26 | TIME
INDONESIA: Widodo Makes Show of Paying for Metallica Album
The gift was presented by Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen on a state visit last year.
2018/02/09 | TIME
MYANMAR: Jailed Journalists Were Investigating Massacre
The two reporters are currently on trial and face up to 14 years in prison.
2018/02/02 | TIME
Umbrella Activists Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement is getting a little recognition abroad.
2018/01/26 | TIME
US Slams North Korean Oil, Shipping with Fresh Sanctions
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin called on China and Russia to expel illicit actors.
2018/01/24 | TIME
Rohingya Crisis 'Even Worse Than Portrayed' — US Official
A plan to allow displaced Rohingya to return to Myanmar has also been delayed.
2018/01/20 | TIME
Hope Fades over Myanmar's Crackdown on Journalists
Myanmar-based Reuters reporters Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo now face up to 14 years in prison.
2018/01/17 | TIME
Joshua Wong Imprisoned Again for 2014 Protests
The Hong Kong democracy activist is returning to prison for 'defying a court order.'
2018/01/08 | TIME
Malaysia's Opposition Opts for Mahathir, Again
Various voices scorned the opposition alliance's appointment of the 92-year-old as its candidate for PM in the forthcoming general election.
2017/12/22 | TIME
Here's Why Candy Canes Don't Make Sense
Everyone's favorite candy crutch has a murky history.
2017/11/09 | TIME
Trump Calls on Xi to Act Fast and Rein in North Korea
The U.S. President passed the buck to his Chinese counterpart during a state visit to Beijing.
2017/11/07 | TIME
Doing Time with Hong Kong Democracy Activist Joshua Wong
After being freed on bail pending appeal following his conviction in August for inciting unlawful assembly in Hong Kong, democracy activist Joshua Wong speaks about his time behind bars and the state of freedoms outside in Hong Kong.
2017/10/26 | TIME
Thais Bid Emotional Farewell to Benevolent King Bhumibol
Tonight, Thais will say goodbye to King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who when he died roughly a year ago was the world's longest serving monarch, having reigned for seven decades.
2017/08/01 | TIME
A Crackdown on Unfettered Internet Access Is Jeopardizing China’s Pro-Business Credentials
Aside from the practical limitations, the oppressive atmosphere would be hugely damaging at a time when China's economy is already slowing.
2017/07/29 | TIME
How Tai Chi Makes You Stronger
A new research says the practice may help older people avoid dangerous falls.