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2018/08/06 | TIME

UPDATE: Indonesia Earthquake Death Toll Rises to 98, Over 200 Injured

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Indonesian tourist island of Lombok and was felt throughout neighboring Bali. Rescuers continue to search for survivors, and authorities warn the death toll could climb further.

2018/07/25 | TIME

Laos Hydropower Dam Collapses, Hundreds Missing

Hundreds are missing and several are presumed dead after a hydropower dam collapsed in southern Laos on Monday night. About 6,600 people have been displaced by flooding.

2018/07/24 | TIME

North Korea Begins Dismantling Rocket Launch Site

Satellite images suggest Kim Jong-un is engaged in a confidence building exercise.

2018/07/05 | TIME

'Nothing Off the Table' in Race to Rescue Trapped Thai Cave Kids

The race is on to get the boys and their coach out of the cave before monsoon rains prevent their escape.

2018/06/29 | TIME

South Korea Rules to End Conscription for Conscientious Objectors

Those who refuse to serve will now face community service rather than three years in jail.

2018/06/22 | TIME

Warnings from the Past: Chinese Tomb Whispers of Primate Extinction

An ancient Chinese tomb has yielded the remains of a previously unknown extinct species of gibbon.

2018/06/19 | TIME

Trump Escalates Tit for Tat Tariff War with China

The Trump administration shows no signs of tamping down the rhetoric on China's unfair trade practices.

2018/06/15 | TIME

Flush from Singapore Success, Trump OKs $35-55 Bln Tariffs on Chinese Imports

After his foreign policy foray in Asia, Trump is returning to his core message of economic nationalism.

2018/06/13 | TIME

New AIT Complex in Taipei Shows Strength of US Commitment to Taiwan

The US$250-million complex shows the strength of the US commitment to Taiwan.

2018/06/12 | TIME

Trump-Kim Summit Delivers Signatures, Assurances and Show of Unity

The nature of the documents signed and whether North Korea will abide by their terms remains to be seen.

2018/06/08 | TIME

OPINION: Signs Suggest Kim Is Ready to Deal in Singapore

A purge of top military brass and the completion of nuclear capability suggest Kim is ready to open up to economic development.

2018/05/31 | TIME

NORTH KOREA: Meet Kim's Controversial Right-hand Man

North Korea's controversial diplomat is a constant figure in North Korean diplomacy and politics.

2018/05/18 | TIME

60 Rohingya Babies Are Born in Refugee Camps Every Day

Only about 1 in 5 babies were delivered in medical facilities.

2018/05/16 | TIME

North Korean Peace Talks Hit a Setback – Nukes

The tone in Northeast Asia has once again grown grim at Kim threatens to back out of negotiations.

2018/05/10 | TIME

MALAYSIA: Najib Concedes Defeat, Mahathir Vows 'Rule of Law'

Najib accepted his party’s defeat and vowed to respect the verdict of the people, but remained defiant about his former mentor’s victory.

2018/05/03 | TIME

OPINION: North Korean Denuclearization Remains a Long Shot

North Korea's clocks may have moved forward to match those in the South, but the nuclear doomsday ticker still hovers close to midnight.

2018/04/27 | TIME

North and South Korea Meet for Denuclearization Talks

The meeting was a milestone, but the Koreas are still a long way from lasting peace.

2018/04/14 | TIME

Even as Trade War Looms, the US Auto Industry Sees a Savior in China

The Chinese market is still a minefield for foreign automakers, however.