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Stellina Chen is an illustrator and a cartoonist with a special interest in world news.

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2018/06/01 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Endless 'Orwellian Nonsense' and Weird 'Weiplomacy'

The Chinese Communist Party is doubleplusgood at promulgating Chinese duckspeak.

2018/05/11 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Captain Democracy Flies to Malaysia's Rescue

Will time and its emissary, Mahathir Mohamad, heal Malaysia's wounds?

2018/05/03 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Taiwan Eats Bitterness; Dominican Republic Gobbles RMB

Taiwan has only 19 official friends left as the Dominican Republic gets wooed by Chinese highways.

2018/04/13 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Taiwan's Government Plays Matchmaker

The Ministry of the Interior wants to get people in the mood, but young couples aren't taking the hint.

2018/04/04 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: China and US Bare Trade War Teeth

An escalating trade war benefits threatens to undermine the stability of the global economy.

2018/03/23 | Stellina Chen

Xi Whistles in the Wind

China's president is trying to play the referee over the Taiwan Travel Act, but is he holding the right cards?

2018/03/15 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Sunflowers Bask in Judicial Blessing

Sunflower movement leaders celebrate acquittal by Taiwan's High Court of charges relating to the 2014 protest movement.

2018/02/27 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: All Hail Emperor Xi

All bets are off now China President Xi Jinping has no limit to his time in power.

2018/02/09 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: China Offended Yet Again

Mercedes apologized for an Instagram post that quoted the Dalai Lama.

2018/01/26 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Airplane Wars

A tit-for-tat spat over airline routes highlights the deplorable state of cross-Strait ties.

2018/01/19 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Taiwan's Glorious Balancing Act

Taiwan is spinning pirouettes while the rest of the region plods towards authoritarianism, according to a Freedom House report.

2018/01/12 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Kim and Moon Dance on Thin Ice

Talks between North and South Korea are a fragile first step towards de-escalating conflict on the peninsula.

2017/12/22 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Cultural Revulsion at Public Execution Hearings

Public sentencing of death row convicts in China attracts morbid onlookers and recalls public shaming of the Cultural Revolution.

2017/11/24 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: The Public Calls for 'Justice'

Tens of thousands of Taiwanese citizens signed a petition to introduce flogging as a punishment for some crimes. Is this a serious proposal or a frustrated mob venting their anger?