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2017/02/24 | Sarah Laskow
In 1914, Feminists Fought for the Right to Forget Childbirth
“It was an attempt to gain control over the birthing process,” wrote Leavitt, the historian. “Because many of the twilight sleep leaders were active feminists, they spoke in the idiom of the women’s movement.”
2017/01/24 | Sarah Laskow
The First Observations of Sea Ice Came From 8th-Century Irish Monks in Iceland
In 1978, satellites started collecting data on sea ice to create a continuous record, and that’s the data that shows that this year is the worst of those 38 for sea ice. But those satellites are aging, and there’s no guarantee they will be replaced.
2017/01/18 | Sarah Laskow
A Scientist Invented the Cyanometer Just to Measure the Blueness of the Sky
Horace-Bénédict de Saussure wanted to climb a mountain and mark the sky's hue accurately.
2017/01/10 | Sarah Laskow
Visiting Disney World is the Modern Version of Making a Medieval Pilgrimage
Most Disney patrons would probably call their trip a vacation, but that is not the case to some anthropologists, religious studies experts, and art historians.
2016/12/19 | Sarah Laskow
Defy Age Using a 3,600-Year-Old Face Cream Recipe with a Deadly Ingredient
The ancient Egyptians were far ahead of their time in skin-care science.
2016/11/22 | Sarah Laskow
Why Did Ancient Italians Bury Thousands of Clay Body Parts?
Feet, hands, eyes, ears, arms, legs, uteri, heads...thousands upon thousands of body parts.
2016/11/02 | Sarah Laskow
Voting Booths Were a Radical 19th Century Reform to Stop Election Fraud
An idea imported from Australia helped enable the 'secret' part of secret ballots.
2016/10/15 | Sarah Laskow
The Hidden Signs of Kobe's Post-Earthquake Resurrection
Rebuilt after a devastating earthquake, this Japanese city was given tools to survive the next one.
2016/08/08 | Sarah Laskow
Did a Coded Message Lead an American to a Lost Civilization in China?
In 2016, the odds of finding a 'lost' civilization or even a city seem low. And yet...