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Sarah Karacs is a journalist covering Hong Kong and China and a contributing writer for The News Lens. A former staff reporter at the South China Morning Post, she has also written for Der Spiegel, The London Times, CNN, The Beijinger among other publications.

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2017/04/08 | Sarah Karacs

Is Shao Yangpeng China’s Most Important Electronic Music Artist?

‘It’s an alienating vision that’s also quite beautiful in its abstract and haunting way.’

2017/03/23 | Sarah Karacs

Q&A: Beijing Writer Stanley Chan on How Sci-Fi is Changing China

Ultimately we have to learn to get used to a world that humans are no longer the protagonist but playing a supporting role.

2017/02/27 | Sarah Karacs

Can Cantopop Make a Comeback?

'Cantopop culture is a very important part of Hong Kong identity. Over the past few years the so-called 'local conscious' has risen, but Cantopop has been in decline.'

2017/02/21 | Sarah Karacs

Should Hong Kong Keep its Zoo?

The debate around the existence of Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden comes at a time of shifting values towards animal rights in the city and across Asia.

2017/02/13 | Sarah Karacs

The Thai Occult Taking Hong Kong by Storm

The Thai amulet trade is growing in Hong Kong, making waves in China, and has factions in Singapore and Malaysia.

2017/02/05 | Sarah Karacs

INTERVIEW: The Resurgence of Ink Art with Hong Kong’s Wilson Shieh

The News Lens talks to acclaimed artist Wilson Shieh, who fuses together traditional techniques to depict his singular vision of Hong Kong