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Sam Roggeveen is Director of Digital and a Senior Fellow at the Lowy Institute. He oversees the Institute’s digital strategy across its two websites ( and and its social media channels. Before joining the Lowy Institute, Sam was a senior strategic analyst in Australia's peak intelligence agency, the Office of National Assessments, where his work dealt mainly with nuclear strategy and arms control, ballistic-missile defense, North Asian strategic affairs and WMD terrorism. Sam also worked on arms control policy in Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs, and as an analyst in the Defence Intelligence Organisation.

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2017/07/11 | Sam Roggeveen

Washington's Hand Weakens as North Korea Launches ICBM

'US Administrations including this one have long said a North Korean ICBM is unacceptable, but unless the US is prepared to go to war, and risk millions of Korean and Japanese lives in the process, accept it Washington must.'

2017/04/03 | Sam Roggeveen

China's Huge Industrial Ambitions

China's ambitions are clearly much bigger than current foreign investment suggests.

2017/01/14 | Sam Roggeveen

South China Sea: Tillerson Throws a Rhetorical Bomb

Even if Tillerson and the Trump team walk back these comments in coming days, they will no doubt be remembered in Beijing.

2016/12/03 | Sam Roggeveen

Is There a Global Wave of Populism?

It's possible that local circumstances, individual talent and a dash of pure chance have brought about the results we have seen in the U.K., Europe, Greece, Australia and the U.S.