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2017/08/03 | Saigoneer

Children's Online Video Obsession Makes Big Bucks for Vietnamese YouTube Channels

Of the 50 highest earning YouTube channels in Vietnam, at least 10 are geared toward young audiences.

2017/07/31 | Saigoneer

The Power Couple of Vietnam's 1980s Literary Scene

Luu Quang Vu and Xuan Quynh’s death was something of a national tragedy in the late 1980s, but their legacy has lived on through their body of work and life stories.

2017/07/28 | Saigoneer

International Pop Culture Comes to Vietnam with Ariana Grande

With the fastest-growing middle class in the region and a staggering number of young, switched-on social media users, Vietnam is primed to become an attractive destination for international acts making the trip to Southeast Asia.

2017/07/22 | Saigoneer

Is Over-Tourism Threatening Vietnam's Sapa?

Today, the burst of hotel construction and mass-market tourist attractions remains a safe distance from her own village but, as Sapa's development continues, there's no guarantee that the pull of mass tourism won't one day reach her home.

2017/07/20 | Saigoneer

Vietnam Follows Taiwan Among Asia's Most Progressive on LGBT Rights

The past decade has seen so many policy changes in favor of LGBT rights in Vietnam.

2017/07/19 | Saigoneer

Q&A: How Saigon and the Mekong Delta Can Confront Climate Change

'Vietnam could raise more awareness about climate change and risks. There is little awareness among local people and farmers. In a way it's similar to the Netherlands: people are not very interested, it's still a very abstract discourse.'

2017/07/14 | Saigoneer

Here and There: Exploring Vietnamese Immigrant and Refugee Experiences

'This process can be used by other immigrants and other refugees as a way to collect their own history because we’re getting older and a lot of these stories are getting lost,' says Linh Phan, creator of the Here and There project.

2017/07/11 | Saigoneer

Saigon's Tattoo Culture Flourishes with Changing Attitudes

In Vietnam, tattoos have long had a reputation as the tell-tale stamp of gangsters and prisoners. However, the past decade has seen an awakening of the tattoo industry, particularly in major cities like Saigon and Hanoi.

2017/07/10 | Saigoneer

Taboo and Tradition Hinder Contraception Awareness in Vietnam

With many urban Vietnamese waiting longer to get married, the country’s younger generations are recognizing the need to open up about sex education in the conservative country.

2017/07/07 | Saigoneer

Malaysia, Indonesia Religious Groups Call for Starbucks Boycott over LGBT Support

Both Malaysia and Indonesia have seen a rise in religious conservatism in recent years.

2017/07/06 | Saigoneer

Black Teeth: How Vietnam's Hottest Beauty Regimen Went from Vogue to Obscurity

Once the hallmark of youthful beauty in Vietnam, nowadays dyeing one’s teeth black is a dying custom that can only be spotted in the country’s oldest generation.

2017/07/05 | Saigoneer

PHOTO STORY: Taipei's Ghostly Disused Leprosy Sanitarium

Take a tour of the Losheng Sanitarium which was built in the 1930s when lepers were forced to be isolated from society.

2017/07/01 | Saigoneer

Urban Art Flourishes in Cambodia Despite Challenges

Street art, and art in general, is an important part of healing for Cambodia and expanding people’s creative potential.  

2017/06/19 | Saigoneer

Child Labor to Surge in Vietnam Due to Climate Change: Experts

As climate change wreaks havoc on Vietnam, more children will be forced to work from an early age, experts say.

2017/06/18 | Saigoneer

Lensational, Using Photography to Empower Vietnamese Women with Disabilities

'If we are able to show people that women with disabilities can do valuable things, make good photographs then we can show that they can contribute to society if we support them in the right way.'

2017/06/09 | Saigoneer

Indonesia's 'Islamic Punk' Movement Marries Religious Faith with Musical Rebellion

'Islamic punk' is still embracing rebellion and anti-establishment ideology like the original British punk rockers, but they celebrate Islamic values, sing about freedom for Palestine and condemn mistreatment of Muslims in the Middle East.

2017/06/02 | Saigoneer

'Girls Rock Asia' Brings Together Female Musicians from Across Southeast Asia

'It’s about every female musician who struggles about where to start or how to move on with their music career.'

2017/05/28 | Saigoneer

Viet Rap Meets French Hip-Hop

As Vietnam’s underground hip-hop scene begins to emerge into the spotlight, one of its rising stars joins forces with an up-and-coming foreign artist to create a track for worldwide release.