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2018/09/13 | Saigoneer

Hanging Out with Vietnam's Critically Endangered Primates

A new video gets some enthralling footage of Vietnam's 25 primate species, eight of which are critically endangered.

2018/09/09 | Saigoneer

Tracking Vietnam's High Speed Rail Dream

A high speed rail line running the length of the country could cost US$60 billion and reduce the train journey time between Hanoi and Saigon to eight hours.

2018/08/17 | Saigoneer

PHOTO STORY: Sneak Peeks of Vietnam's Streets

Photographer Victor Morante gives you a kerbside view of Vietnam's streets.

2018/08/10 | Saigoneer

VIETNAM: Abandoned Waterpark Hosts Indonesian Singer Niki's 'Warpaint' Video

The abandoned Ho Thuy Tien Waterpark outside of Hue offers a timeless backdrop for an empowering musical journey.

2018/08/03 | Saigoneer

PHOTOS: Malaysian Artist Brings the Past to Life in Miniature

Lim Pui Wan fell into doll design after reading a Taiwanese book on the craft as a child.

2018/07/06 | Saigoneer

ILLUSTRATION: Artist Inks Vietnam's Iconic Musical Instruments

The ink on postage stamp illustrations act as a powerful expression of Vietnam's traditional musical culture.

2018/06/30 | Saigoneer

PHOTOS: Making Miniature Worlds with Taiwanese Artist Hank Cheng

Model maker Hank Cheng's dioramas are something special.

2018/06/25 | Saigoneer

VIETNAM: Why Wind Energy Dream Remains Hot Air

Low electricity prices and lofty targets threaten to undermine Vietnam's wind power plans.

2018/06/15 | Saigoneer

Walking the '60s Aisles of Saigon's First Ever Supermarket

The opening in 1967 attracted the cream of Saigon society.

2017/08/29 | Saigoneer

Saigon’s Craft Beer Scene Striking Balance Between Foreign Brews and Vietnamese Tastes

Since the city’s first craft beer bar opened two years ago, Saigoneers’ thirst for these new and different local brews has grown exponentially.

2017/08/24 | Saigoneer

Virtual Life Transforming Saigon's Public Spaces

The tension between open spaces and private, walled-off zones is brought to attention as Saigon continues to rapidly grow and develop.

2017/08/16 | Saigoneer

A Brief Primer on Vietnam’s Football History

Vietnamese widespread support for foreign football teams over local ones has much to do with the history of football sponsorships and scandals.

2017/08/14 | Saigoneer

Hanoi Tributes to the Voice of a Generation, Trinh Cong Son

The street named after Trinh Cong Son, 'Bob Dylan of Vietnam,' will be turned into urban space featuring performances in Hanoi.

2017/08/11 | Saigoneer

Exploring What It Means to Be Young and Vietnamese

Hanoi-based podcast, 'The Renovation Generation,' is bringing to light how Vietnam's young population is diverse, complex and full of stories.

2017/08/08 | Saigoneer

The Dilemma of Vietnam's Foreign-Educated Grads

For those who have left and seen Vietnam through different eyes, the time will come when they must decide what they want: to stay abroad or return home.

2017/08/07 | Saigoneer

A Brief History of Vietnam's Curry

The roots of Vietnam’s curries, or cà ri, stretch across Asia back to the Indian subcontinent.