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Sumit Kumar is Taiwan MOFA Visiting Fellow at National Chengchi University, Taipei.

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2019/11/22 | Sumit Kumar
An Overview of Closer US-Taiwan Ties in 2019
2019 marked a new height of U.S.-Taiwan relations. Here's a review of what has been accomplished this year between the two countries.
2018/05/31 | Sumit Kumar
Indian PM Modi Acts East with Indonesian Strategic Pact
A strategic partnership with Indonesia offers a platform for India to push its economic and defense engagement with ASEAN.
2018/04/30 | Sumit Kumar
Indian Prime Minister Modi's China Summit Explained
The informal summit meeting between Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping arrested a decline in bilateral ties but should serve as a floor for a more comprehensive framework to resolve disputes.
2018/04/12 | Sumit Kumar
OPINION: Nepal Prime Minister's Visit Leaves Modi and India Cold
India and Nepal have a trust deficit that is pushing Kathmandu closer to Beijing.
2018/02/02 | Sumit Kumar
OPINION: India ASEAN Relations Blossom in Delhi as China Looks on
India's leaders are looking to build relationships with ASEAN, but can they compete with China?
2016/10/12 | Sumit Kumar
How India Views the U.S. President Elections
Which candidate would be best for the future of Indo-American relations? An expert shares his views.
2016/09/05 | Sumit Kumar
The Future of the India-U.S. Partnership
Despite his fundamental differences with Washington D.C. on a number of issues, Prime Minister Modi demonstrated pragmatism and statesmanship, and redirected his government’s efforts to sustain and deepen ties with the U.S. What’s next?
2016/07/07 | Sumit Kumar
The Significance of Full SCO Membership for India
From combating extremism to securing access to large energy reserves, India hopes to play a constructive role in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
2016/06/08 | Sumit Kumar
The Stars Are Aligned: The Future of India-Taiwan Relations
With a DPP government in Taiwan and a BJP-led government in India, there is a growing desire among diplomats, strategists, journalists and others for the two countries to consolidate, if not expand, their bilateral ties.