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Sumit Kumar is Taiwan MOFA Visiting Fellow at National Chengchi University, Taipei.


An Overview of Closer US-Taiwan Ties in 2019

Sumit Kumar

2019 marked a new height of U.S.-Taiwan relations. Here's a review of what has been accomplished this year between the two countries.


Indian PM Modi Acts East with Indonesian Strategic Pact

Sumit Kumar

A strategic partnership with Indonesia offers a platform for India to push its economic and defense engagement with ASEAN.


Indian Prime Minister Modi's China Summit Explained

Sumit Kumar

The informal summit meeting between Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping arrested a decline in bilateral ties but should serve as a floor for a more comprehensive framework to resolve disputes.


OPINION: Nepal Prime Minister's Visit Leaves Modi and India Cold

Sumit Kumar

India and Nepal have a trust deficit that is pushing Kathmandu closer to Beijing.


OPINION: India and Vietnam Make Natural Allies

Sumit Kumar

The two share a common goal – countering China's influence.


OPINION: India ASEAN Relations Blossom in Delhi as China Looks on

Sumit Kumar

India's leaders are looking to build relationships with ASEAN, but can they compete with China?


How India Views the U.S. President Elections

Sumit Kumar

Which candidate would be best for the future of Indo-American relations? An expert shares his views.


The Future of the India-U.S. Partnership

Sumit Kumar

Despite his fundamental differences with Washington D.C. on a number of issues, Prime Minister Modi demonstrated pragmatism and statesmanship, and redirected his government’s efforts to sustain and deepen ties with the U.S. What’s next?


The Significance of Full SCO Membership for India

Sumit Kumar

From combating extremism to securing access to large energy reserves, India hopes to play a constructive role in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.


The Stars Are Aligned: The Future of India-Taiwan Relations

Sumit Kumar

With a DPP government in Taiwan and a BJP-led government in India, there is a growing desire among diplomats, strategists, journalists and others for the two countries to consolidate, if not expand, their bilateral ties.

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