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Dr Grenville is a Visiting Fellow at the Lowy Institute for International Policy and works as a consultant on financial sector issues in East Asia. Between 1982 and 2001 he worked at the Reserve Bank of Australia, for the last five years as Deputy Governor and Board member.


OPINION: China's Economy Continues to Dismay Naysayers

Stephen Grenville

China’s economic vitality continues to confound pessimists, some of whom have been calling a collapse for longer than half a decade.


Why Everyone is Talking about Universal Basic Incomes

Stephen Grenville

While Bill Gates’ suggestion of taxing robots to put human workers on a more even competitive footing with the robots deserves serious consideration, the time when governments will pay everyone a living wage seems a long way off.

Attac anti-globalisation activists demonstrate in front the euro sculpture in front of the ECB headquarters in Frankfurt

The Globalization of Our Discontent

Stephen Grenville

Once globalization has become the accepted punching bag, everyone can proffer their favored nostrums, some of which make little sense.


South China Sea: A Course-Correction is Needed

Stephen Grenville

What would be the basis of this 'Outside-UNCLOS' framework? The starting-point is a recognition that 'win-win' is better than a contest with a winner and a loser.

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